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Increasing worker productivity

Mar - 21 - 2014


With 2014 expected to be the year that the economy finally takes off again, many businesses are predicting a busy 12 months ahead.

As a result, employers are already thinking about ways they can get the most out of their workforce. There are two main trains of thought here - helping employees to become more productive in terms of making sure they are working as efficiently as possible and coming up with a strategy to motivate them to apply themselves at their optimum level.

Ideally, if you can combine the two, you are on to a winner - and so identifying potential opportunities as early as you can is key to implementing the measures needed to kick-start the year in the best possible manner.

Streamlining the day

When it comes to making sure your workers aren't wasting time during the day, the first step to take should be looking to see if there is any potential 'fat' that can be trimmed from their daily routines.

For example, there may be some tasks that don't require as many people's attention in order for them to be completed, or some jobs that are deemed completely unnecessary altogether.

You can also encourage your employees to get themselves more organised - using tools like diaries to take a look at how their day is spread out from an alternative perspective to see if there is anything they can proactively look at doing differently to streamline their role.

Cut out the commute

Don't be afraid to think outside the box, either. Workers are spending an increasing amount of time on the daily commute - time that could certainly be put to better use.

One solution here is to encourage a flexible working policy - allowing staff to spend more time fulfilling their role from home. This doesn't have to disrupt the company at all, thanks to modern technology.

Employees that aren't regularly in the office can still take part in company meetings and the everyday running of business by getting involved in teleconference meetings to ensure communication doesn't suffer.

Motivational factors

Of course, holding out a carrot to get that extra ten per cent out of your staff won't hurt, either.

There are plenty of ways to do this and working from home can play its part here as well - allowing those who have worked hard the opportunity to occasionally base themselves away from the office as a reward.

Team-building exercises can also make a big difference and you'll be surprised to see the difference in attitude when your workforce feels as though they are not only striving for better things for themselves, but also for one another.

A further option is one of the oldest tricks in the book - discount schemes and exclusive special offers for your staff. It all goes back to giving them the best offer in return for their services. If they feel as though they are being looked after, then loyalty and desire to repay that care with hard work is generally reciprocated.

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