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Repairing or replacing windshield is a common thing, with which almost all car owners are familiar. Either the work is assigned to third party professional services or handled by the car owner himself. Whatever car owners do, they need to go through a sound research, before they go for windshield repair and replacement.

There are both pros and cons of DIY, when it comes to windshield repair. But first, the owner of the car needs to understand when to go for repairing windshield and when to replace it. As suggested by the experts in this field, if the crack is less than 12 inches in length, then the car owner himself can fix it. But if the length of the crack is between 12 and 24 inches, then it’s preferable for car owners to hire a professional service. In case the crack is more than 24 inches long, it’s advisable to replace the windshield.

If the car owner wants to carry out with DIY, then the first thing he needs to purchase is windshield repair kit. To repair small chips and cracks, you can purchase a DIY windshield repair kit. Such a kit contains tools such as razor blade that is used to remove glass, resin for injecting into the crack and curing film. The razor blade is needed because using that, a tiny point can be created, through which the chip can get into and remove the small pieces of glass. After that, the area can be cleaned using a glass cleaner and then the area gets dried up.

However, DIY approach is not that much viable for a large number of car owners. The main reason behind this is efficiency and quality. Professional services are way more efficient and the work done by them qualitatively superior. Recently, mobile windshield repair services have become quite popular. That’s mainly because convenience, safety and professional care are provided by them.

Quickly repairing the cracks and chips is important because nobody these days has time. Mobile windshield repair and replacement services can provide car owners with that. Just a phone call and they will arrive at the car owner’s house. They can repair the car as quickly as it gets and on top of that, they don’t require a service appointment at a garage. In fact, they can carry out the work when the owner is shopping and parked the car at a nearby parking lot.

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