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When showcasing your company or business at an exhibition, trade show, conference, presentation or any other similar event, it is essential that you have the very best custom exhibition stands. There is a lot of work, which goes in to this, regarding aspects such as shape and material, to name but a very few. One of the areas that you can really excel in if you pay a bit more attention to is the colour of your stand. A lot of people do not realise it but the colours you pick can have a massive impact on how effective your exhibition display stand is.

At present there is a trend for mixing bright and eye-catching colours with more subtle and professional colours. For example, magenta mixed with beige, aqua mixed with ivory or bright yellow mixed with a light grey. This is good because it allows your stand to be creative and attractive while maintaining a sleek and business like edge.

However, you can go even further than merely picking trendy colours. You can do a bit of research into what senses colours provoke within consumers and thus, you might be able to slightly manipulate what you are trying to achieve by having the right colour. For instance, blue is an excellent option to go for because it makes people trust you. Another example is the colour green, green makes people want to spend money.

Earlier I mentioned mixing bright colours with more bland colours, such as grey. By having an entire exhibition stand covered in grey you will not achieve much as it gives the allusion of something average and practical - nothing exciting. However, by adding a slice of grey you give off the impression that your product is solid. So, you also need to consider the amount of each colour you will use in custom exhibition stands.

You also need to think about the industry your business is in while deciding on the colours you are going to pick. For instance, a lot of gambling companies opt for the colours black and red and they do so for a very distinct reason. This is because red is a colour, which is associated with danger and tempts people to take risks while black is associated with immense prosperity and wealth. This combination is something, which provokes the emotions of the ideal gambling customer.

Using colours to this effect is all to do with psychology and it plays a huge role in all aspects of life, and of course, in business. It is a very interesting factor to consider but it was one that can reap massive rewards, if used effectively. If you think about it, so many fast food places use the colour red, why? Because as well as provoking danger and risk taking it also makes individuals hungry. I would seriously recommend that you take the time and effort to put some great thought in to the colour scheme you are going to go for custom exhibition stands, you won’t regret it.

Summary: When contemplating your custom exhibition stands, you need to consider what colours are used. This guide will give you a helping hand.

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