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There are times when you want to make the video play at a faster speed to demonstrate a special action to the audience. Making certain parts of the video play faster is an easy trick that can be achieved by using a basic video editor program like Movavi Video Editor. The software features a professional video speed increaser tool that allows you to create a professional fast forwarding effect.

It is the same effect as when the old fashioned VHS video tape is being fast forwarded. You can try out the video speeder by downloading it at the Movavi site. After installing the software, you must drag the video into the timeline to open it. You can use the red marker tool for selection if there is only a certain part of the video that you want to accelerate.

When the video is open, you must go to the clip properties by clicking the properties button. You will see a slider that is named Speed. You can adjust the speed slider to the right to make the video play faster. Similarly, moving the speed slider to the left will make the video play at a slower rate.

If you position the slider to the middle, the video will play at the normal speed. You can drag the Speed Slider around until you find the right speed. There is a field at the right side where you can enter a percentage to change the speed slider position. You can enter the percentage if you prefer not to drag the slider around to make changes to video playback speed.

When you speed up the video track, the sound track will also be speed up at the same time. For the audience, it may be weird to hear the sound track playing at a fast speed alongside the fast forwarding video track. To fix this problem, you can mute the audio track in the timeline by pressing the Mute button. The mute button is located on the left side of the video clip on the timeline.

Next, you must click on the Add Media Files button to add the original video into the software again. After the video is added, you can drag its audio clip to the area below the video which you have just increase the speed.Then, you can delete the original video that you have just added. In this way, the audio clip will play at a normal speed when the video is fast forwarding.

The last step is to save the video on your computer so that all the edits you make just now will not be lost. To save your video, you can press the Export button. You can type in a name for the video and set a destination folder before clicking on the Start button to start saving the video. If you want to save the video for viewing on a device, you can select the Devices tab, which is the third tab on the left that features the tablet and smart phone icon.

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