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The IT sector is a competitive job sector to enter into as a graduate, but with more and more people around the world relying on computers of all descriptions each and every day, there’s no doubt that the jobs are there. The IT industry may be in better shape than some other areas of recruitment, but ambitious graduates will still have to prove themselves in order to land the jobs in IT that they have been dreaming about. Something that is absolutely key to gaining employment with a reputable employer is making a great first impression with that all-important CV. Here are a few tips to make your IT CV work for you.

Sell yourself

You might well be a charismatic person who makes a great impression face to face. But it is your CV – just one or two sheets of A4 paper – that will be making the true first impression with your prospective employer. The words on those pieces of paper are all you have to make you stand out from the crowd; so sell yourself. It’s important to remember that the potential employer will know nothing about you, and so you need to list all of your relevant experience and qualifications in order to best indicate that you are the right person for the job.

Tailor your CV

Too many people have only one CV that they send with each and every application, even though the different jobs call for different skills and attributes. So tailor your CV to each one of the IT jobs that you are applying for, by promoting your most relevant experience and qualifications to the top of the page. You will not only be indicating that your particular experience makes you the right candidate for the job, you will also show a much deeper understanding for what the role entails than your competition – and in CV writing and job applications, standing out from the competition is everything. You will also show that you’ve read the job description carefully and you’re responding to it directly.

Keep it snappy

A CV should never be any longer than two A4 pages. Of course, your CV needs to highlight your experience, but it need only do that – it doesn’t need to be an autobiography. Any longer than two pages and it is unlikely that the potential employer will even bother to read it at all. Your CV should lead to an interview, so you can always use that time to elaborate on the points made.

Make it personal

A CV is effectively a document that lists your very best attributes; a testimony that you’re the best candidate. This doesn’t mean that it has to read like a scientific report. When a company employs a person, they are not only investing in a set of skills but a whole person. This person will need to fit in with the rest of the team, a person that is trusted to attend meetings with clients, and who they might want to have a drink with after working hours. So do let the company know about your leisure interests and let your personality shine through – it will give you that extra edge over the other applicants.

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