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How to Save Money in Your Business

Oct - 3 - 2013

All businesses need to constantly pay attention to their accounts and work out ways to reduce costs. The act of reducing costs is even more important if you are having problems with cash flow. Whether you’re setting up your business or looking for ways to save money in an established business read through the tips below to see if you’re missing out on a money saving possibility.

Check the used vehicle using the DVLA contact telephone number

Stop Wasting so Much Energy

Energy is expensive, especially in the winter. You can dramatically reduce your energy bills by adopting the techniques used by ‘green’ offices. The eco-friendly tips not only help to conserve energy and therefore save resources, they also help to save money, which is great for business! There are plenty of energy saving tips for offices and work premises. Some of the most useful include:

  • Turning off all lights when rooms aren’t in use and at the end of the working day
  • Replacing all light bulbs with eco-friendly bulbs or LEDS
  • Ensuring all staff in the office switch off their computers and electrical equipment properly and remove plugs from the sockets
  • Reducing the temperature of the thermostat by one degree in the winter
  • Switching to cheaper suppliers
  • Leaving printers, scanners and other equipment off and unplugged when not in use

Source Your Equipment Carefully

You may need to purchase equipment for your business. The cost of computers, furniture and other items can add up to thousands. The best way to save money is by avoiding buying brand new goods and purchasing used products instead.  Make use of your contacts, look in local papers and contact second hand stores to look for furniture and equipment being sold off by companies that have upgraded their premises or gone out of business.

You can also look for cheaper deals by using the online auction websites. There are often many deals that will save you a fortune. To save even more money go and pick up the goods yourself rather than using a courier.

Find New Suppliers

Your suppliers may have served you for years but are they offering you the best deals. You should regularly ask for quotes from several suppliers to see if they will provide you with a better deal. Always check references and testimonials before you stop using a trusted supplier, but don’t feel like you can’t move on just for loyalty sake. There are plenty of suppliers out there and they are all competing to find great clients just like you.

Buy Second Hand Company Cars

If you need a company car, you might be tempted to buy a brand new vehicle, but it makes better financial sense to choose a used vehicle. You’ll need to ask the seller for the registration number, make model, MOT test number and the tax disc details. You should also use the enquiry service from the DVLA to check that the details are all legitimate and match their records. If in doubt you should use the dvla contact telephone number to ensure you are buying a genuine used car.

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