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How to Save Energy in the Office

Mar - 25 - 2014

These days we’re all conscious of the amount of energy we use. We know all about global warming and the effect our use of energy can have on the planet. Even those who don’t believe in global warming are also interested in energy saving, for money saving purposes. The cost of gas, electricity and oil are increasing all the time, and the only way to save money is to make the office more efficient. Whatever the reason for your energy saving we have a few tips that will save you money and reduce your costs.

Educate Your Employees

When you’re trying to save energy you have to inform your workers. They need to know what you’re trying to achieve and how you expect them to help you. Many employees will be fully aware of many of the steps they will need to take, but by spending an hour going over the points and the action you expect, it will refresh their minds and ensure they follow the new rules.

Stop Heat from Escaping

Check your building over for draughts. Draughts can be easily stopped for very little money, so it’s a job that is possible regardless of your budget. All cracks in the wall can be filled with wall fillers and caulk, seal the window frames and use weather stripping around the doorways. It’s also a good idea to check the condition of the insulation in the roof, but you might need to ask your landlord if you lease your office.

Turning Things Off!

Every time you leave a plug in and turned on it uses up energy. There are probably several printers, computers, perhaps some kitchen equipment and a photocopier all plugged in at your office right now while no one is there working. You’re paying for that energy being consumed for no reason at all, isn’t it pointless? It wastes energy and money so turning equipment off and unplugging it from the wall is certainly worthwhile. It takes just a few seconds to pull out a plug and put it back again, you just need to form the habit so everyone remembers what to do at the end of the day. Additionally all chargers continue using energy even when a device isn’t being charged, so remind employees to remove their chargers when they are not required.

Modernise Your Office

Updating your equipment is essential. Older computers, boilers, kitchen equipment and anything electrical all use far more energy than they need to simply because they lack the technology we have today. When items break down or need replacing you should look for modern energy efficient models. You can find energy efficient equipment for all rooms in the office, updating the hand dryers in the bathroom and the monitors in your offices will make a huge amount of difference.

There are many ways you can save energy and money in the office. The best way to start saving energy is by making new policies in your office and informing everyone about how they can help you reach your energy saving goals.

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