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How To Put Your iPad On Privacy Lockdown?

Aug - 9 - 2012

Don’t risk leaving finding a solution to lock down your device until it is too late. The apps available are really impressive in what they can do to locate and track your device so install one now; better to be safe.

Well, there really isn’t much information out there to help the iPad user out in this scenario. The most common suggestion is simply to put a password on your device, which is fine, but you want to ensure your privacy is protected, right? The World Wide Web has a few suggestions as to how to ensure ‘private data’ is kept safe, but at the end of the day, your data is private to you regardless of what it is. When it comes to personal messages for example, you want a solution, not a suggestion.

In keeping with the norm, the suggested solution is to have that password which you can set as follows - Go to Settings > General >Passcode Lock. It is as easy as that. The help and advice doesn’t tend to think outside the box so this article is for those more secure routes that you could take. Every site topping Google states that your iPad is only as secure as you make it; so it’s time to make it secure.

It doesn’t matter what information your iPad holds and how ‘secret’  it is; it is your information and that is what makes it private.

There is an app called Black SMS which you could consider than allows you to exchange encoded iMessages; these are decrypted with a keyword that you and the recipient would need to know. This isn’t the solution either; just a suggestion.

To actually put your iPad on privacy lock down and keep all of your data secure, there are some great apps out there with unbelievable features to assist. These apps are designed to assist you should your iPad become lost or stolen and help you protect and retrieve them.

GadgetTrak is an app that allows you to track your device immediately should it become lost or stolen. Using the web and GPS you can get location reports including longitude & latitude to enable you to find out exactly where your device is.  To make sure the person who finds your device cannot turn off this app, you can set restrictions via your devices Settings menu.

The main downside to any GPS feature is that it can drain your devices battery, but it can be deactivated until you need it. The app can also take a snap shot using the built-in camera (assuming your device has one) so you have evidence of who has it! GadgetTrak can be used for more than just iPad's and is compatible with Widows, Androids and Blackberry’s too. For the broadband services you could benefit from try here for help Broadbandexpert.com.au.

Findiphone is an app made by Apple to enable you to view the location of your iPad and other Apple devices. It works through the web again so you can find out where your phone is by logging on from anywhere.

Prey also lets you locate any of your devices and is a cross platform app. It locates the device you want using GPS and is activated using push messaging so can be deactivated until you need it to save your battery life. It is also able to lock down your device to protect your privacy and can take pictures of the person holding it.

There are loads of apps available to lock down your iPad should it become lost or stolen so you can protect your device for maximum security. Finding an app instead of just activating a password can make the likelihood of finding the device a lot higher and will protect your personal messages to the full. Finding one that suits you is really easy; just have a look online before it is too late.

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