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How to Invest Safe & Smart?

Apr - 13 - 2016

Investing money is an art that requires a lot of experience and expertise. It requires some serious investigations and follow-ups or else your hard-earned money will evaporate in thin air. In today’s market, there are many options to invest, it could be the share market, banks, insurance (yes, it can be an investment too), gold, real estate, foreign exchange and a whole lot of other options are available for the investor. As much there is an option to grow your money, there is ample risk also involved. Some people invest when they have an excess of money left with them and some others save themselves some money to invest. Both have a different method to invest. The one who has excess money would not mind risking and may invest in the volatile share market and try other such risky investments. The one who’s saving his or her hard-earned money as an investment will take less risk and hence would prefer investments like bank deposits and the like. Wherever you invest, the profitability will be directly proportional to the risk involved. The riskier the investment, chances of better profitability is there!

Investing smart and safe

Many people who are ready to invest more money or invest regularly seek expert advice for the same. If you though financial planners were only for the millionaires, don’t be shocked to know they are not! Even if you can save 20$ every week, there are umpteen number of ways to save and spend it. Once you have decided to save it, you can check the options online, and you will be astounded at the number of options you get. Though a good deal of the information available online for free is not completely reliable, you can still get some idea about how to invest the money safe and smart! You will be shocked to find the number of online business consultants available who can help you out with expert advice on your investment. Many of them are professionals who make a living out of this consultation. Some are providing advice free of cost out of their experience. Some do it as a hobby and do not take money not to risk any damages claim!

How can you benefit from an online financial consultant?

You will come across 3 categories of people who can help you out with your investments – brokers, investment advisors and financial planners. The brokers have a tie-up with many companies based on the commission they earn from them. So their decisions can be biased depending on the commission they get from the companies listed. Investment Advisors are a slightly polished group of advisors who are paid for managing the investment portfolio of the client rather than buying or selling an investment and hence, they may not be as biased. They keep up with financial daily news to provide insightful investment advice to the clients. Financial planners are the certified planners who have in-depth knowledge about investments and are qualified professionals you can depend on. While they do charge more than the Financial Advisors, you can get professional advice from them and hence they are quite reliable.

Where to invest Safe & Smart?

Ideally, the right person to answer this question will be a professional advisor. Here are some tips though you can consider while investing. These are some broad views and the exact investment should be done after proper consultation only.

Plan to Invest

It is important to have investment plans in place before you actually go ahead and do the actual investment. Plan your short-term and long-term goals. Invest with some goal in your mind. List out your priorities – short term and long term and then plan for both. Understand how liquid you want to be and invest accordingly. And in case you don’t understand it, never invest on it!

Investing in the Share Market

If you plan to invest in the share market, get some expert advice. Watch the market closely for a while before you invest in it. This is a volatile market and hence, one needs to be extremely cautious while investing in shares. Sometimes, it gets you a great profit within days of investing and sometimes the share market can be a huge loss also. Investing in the right companies at the right time and for the right period is the key to success in the share market. Also, the experts say that one should never put all their investment in one company.

Bank Deposits can be helpful

If you think banks are for the old generation, think once more. You get to draw your cash from the bank only. So it is important to be liquid or to have some cash at your disposal for an emergency. Bank Deposits give you guaranteed income and hence they are the safest way of investing your hard earned money.

Gold, Real estate & Business are investments too

Though they cannot be the major part of your investment, you can divert one portion of your investment in these too.

If you find these complicated, the actual investment advice available online can be far too complicated than these. So it is always better to seek advice from experts offline or online. With online financial advisors, you can contact them over a call or chat or mail and get the best investment expert advice irrespective of your physical location.

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