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increase_salesYou've developed a great product or thought of a market-leading new idea... having an idea for a new business really is a life-changing moment. But translating your idea into a successful and financially viable business takes hard work, planning and careful consideration. You know that your products work and that you are offering your customers a great service and competitive prices, but you can't simply wait for customers to come knocking. Getting your name known and your company talked about – in the right way – is essential if you are to generate enough income to stay afloat.

There are an increasing number of ways to attract new customers and with technology continuing to develop at pace, businesses are now able to reach potential clients right across the globe. You need to be realistic about the level of custom you can handle – if you are a sole trader then you must be sure you can deliver if you experience high volumes of demand.

One great way of generating business leads is simple, free and doesn't rely on technology at all – word of mouth. Give your customers a great product and service and it is likely that they will tell their friends and family. Hopefully they will use you too and then they can spread the word themselves. But of course the opposite is also true - give them a poor service and you can be sure they will tell their friends and family so it's important that you treat every customer as a potential source of further new business.

Clean your data

Keeping a database of customer details is important. It means you can email or write to them with special promotions or reminders of your services. You can buy in databases of new leads too but you must make sure that any data is accurate and up to date, so you're not duplicating information or sending details to the wrong people. There is a lot of support out there in terms of helping you manage your databases so make sure all your data is in one place and is correct.

Get online

Social media is another great and relatively new way of helping you to generate business leads. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter will allow you to showcase your business to millions of new people, a previously impossible feat. Setting up a Facebook page and encouraging customers to like the page can bring in new business. It is always a good idea to offer incentives and discounts to persuade your existing customers to share your page.

Be direct

Direct marketing is a more traditional, but very effective, marketing tool. Leaflets, letters and brochures, personalised and tailored according to your database, can engage customers quickly as many prefer this method to online marketing.

If you want to keep your records accurate and up to date, then data cleansing by www.qbase.net is a proven way of getting improved responses and new business leads for your campaigns.

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