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If you are planning for your business to attend a trade show or exhibition, your main goal will be to generate high quality sales leads that follow through, expanding your company’s customer base and profits. However, although they can be hugely effective, it’s absolutely vital to put a lot of work into the planning stage of attending a trade show due to the fact that they are also highly competitive. In order to ensure that the time and money that you invest into attending a trade show or exhibition pays off with high quality leads as a result, it’s important to concentrate on standing out and attracting more people to your stand and keeping them there.


It’s Not All About the Aesthetics

Although investing in a good quality, eye-catching exhibition stand and marketing materials is absolutely crucial, don’t make the mistake of focusing all of your attention and efforts on aesthetics. Whilst you will need to stand out and catch the attention of customers in order to get them to visit your stand in the first place, high quality leads happen when you can keep them there. Ensure that the customers who visit your stand are engaged – whether it’s through looking at product samples, conversing with a sales representative, or even ordering products and services there and then.

Make sure that you also have a number of payment options available for those who do decide to purchase from you.  Companies like MPS make it easy to accept credit cards, which is something you’ll likely find essential – not everyone will carry cash – especially if you carry high ticket options.

Get Out There

One of the biggest mistakes that employees make when manning an exhibition or trade show stand is just sitting there and waiting for visitors to make their way over. Even worse, at trade shows there are always employees who are sitting there on their phones, tablets or laptops – something which makes them less approachable and can often put visitors off from walking up. Instead, make sure that any employees who are assigned to man the exhibition stand understand the importance of getting out there and engaging with visitors. Whilst it’s important to have a member of staff ready to welcome visitors to your stand, it’s also a good idea to have others walking the floor, handing out leaflets and engaging with people to generate interest and prepare them for visiting your stand and making an order or leaving their contact details.

Offering Discounts

Customers who can benefit from a discount on a product or service when visiting a trade show or exhibition are a lot more likely to be interested. For example, offering 10% or so off when people place an order with you for the first time is a great promotion to generate high-quality leads that will follow through. Often, exclusive discounts trigger the ‘fear of loss’, encouraging people to make an order so that they don’t lose out on saving money. Once they have placed an order, you can use product quality and customer service excellence to encourage them to order again at full price in the future.

Trade shows can be awesome for getting new customers and generating more interest in your business. However, in order to make sure that you get high-quality leads, it’s vital to put in lots of effort.

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