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Who does not love bonuses? If you are in the financial world, there is no way that you do not want to get any bonus that you want. In most of the time, traders face difficulty in claiming their bonuses. Sometimes they even also have to give additional charges which are higher than their broker’s bonuses. In our article, we are going to tell you about how you can legally claim these bonuses and avoid extra fees. If your trader has some policies to charge some fees for your withdrawal of the Forex bonuses, you will have to give that. Make sure that you have read all of the policies of your broker before you open your account with them and invest money to avoid any future negotiations. However, most of the professional Aussie traders don't like forex bonus rather they prefer high-quality trading environment and robust trading platform like SaxoTraderGo. They know very well that trading bonus is nothing compared to the profit potential of this industry.

Calculate your charge of withdrawal

These bonuses that brokers are giving you are not free of charge. You need to give some fees to them to get these bonuses in your hand.  Before you withdraw your bonuses, always calculate what it is going to cost you. Most of the time the costs are very much similar to a number of bonuses that you are going to withdraw to discourage the traders from withdrawing their money. It is a policy that all brokers follow to make their account blog. This is a financial world and the only relation that can make the other people talk is money. Know how to get your money before you invest.

If you are quitting, withdraw all your bonuses

What if you have decided that you will no longer trade the market? In this scenario, the best choice for you is to withdraw all of your money. It does not matter if you are going to get only cents after you have paid all the necessary fees. When you are going to quit Forex trading, do not leave a single penny with the brokers. All of these bonuses even if they are very small, have money in it. Isn’t it what got you here in the first place? Do not be shy and take your money and leave. But before you get investment in this world make sure that you use the demo trading account Australia, for the first six months of your trading career. Without demo trading, you will put yourself at great risk in this volatile market.

Withdrawing bonuses early

There are some bonuses like the Welcome bonus and no deposit bonuses which you should withdraw early at your trading. You do not want to lose your money and also lose your bonuses. If possible, withdraw these bonuses before you start your trading in Forex industry. If there are hard policies, you will know it earlier and will stop you from a future investment with the broker.

Hard fact

Most of the brokers have a strict policy with their bonus amount. You can’t withdraw all your bonus immediately rather you have to trade the market for definite threshold level. This often forces to over trade the market. Instead of getting crazy about the forex bonus you should focus on learning the art of trading. Always remember that this market is only for the knowledgeable person. Even a small lacking can have an extreme negative impact on your trading career.

Summary: Forex bonus should never be the main craze for the traders. In fact, the professional traders don’t like it all. But still, if you want to get benefited with the bonus amount then you should follow the mentioned tips of this article. But don’t start over trading only to get the trading bonus.

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