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How to Create Amazing Info Graphics

Aug - 22 - 2016

Infographics are a combination of text, analysis, and graphics, perfect for our current technologically focused age. They are visually compelling and are capable of presenting complex information through an easy to understand storyline. Their visual format gives them the potential to go viral and be shared all over social media sites. Individually, text and graphics are useful. But they are both imperfect methods for communicating and getting ideas across.

Text grants an infinite number of word combinations, allowing for deep analysis of concepts. However, it also relies on the reader's capability of processing the information. Graphics are often easier for the reader to understand, but they can be less effective in communicating complex or abstract ideas. By combining text and graphics, you're able to take advantage of each medium's strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses.

Infographics portray a message in an effective and eye-catching manner, while holding the attention of your readers. When used with other web elements, they can also help with SEO. Infographics have the ability to turn boring, data-filled topics into something that is enjoyable and easy to read. From an SEO standpoint, infographics are still one of the most effective methods of link building. If done correctly, infographics can give a voice and personality to your brand that was otherwise unattainable. According to MDG advertising, content marketing that contains a visual element is able to generate more than 95% of views as compared to standard black and white text. By simply adding graphics to your content, you can enhance viewership and make your content go viral.

If you're interested in learning about creating your own amazing infographics, check out the information below!


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