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How to Arrange a VIP Business Event

Aug - 14 - 2015

Hosting a VIP event for your business is an excellent way of securing customer and client loyalty. As invitation only events these immediately show your company’s great appreciation for their business which should make them more likely to renew contracts or increase investment levels.

There are many different reasons to host a VIP business event with the most popular ones being to provide networking opportunities, gain exposure and build better relationships. Actually holding such a prestigious event takes a lot of organising if you want to get it right and fully reap all the benefits.

Set Your Goals

The first step towards hosting such a prestigious event is to decide why you want to hold one. There must be a goal or few, whether it’s to increase existing client loyalty, find new customers or simply gain more exposure for your company, which will determine how the event is planned.

Choosing your target audience will form what type of event is going to be held. For luxury clientele an evening meal at a fancy venue may be best while for more informal clients something more like a cocktail party may be appropriate. Deciding on your aims for the event will help you measure its level of success afterwards too.

Plan Accurately

This will all come together well when it comes to actually planning the event. Deciding how many people will be invited, what time and what sort of event it will be should lead to deciding on an appropriate location where it will be held.

Depending on how large an event you are set to hold some extra help may need to be arranged. For summer events, hosting outside by hiring a venue or even a marquee could be the most cost-effective option, with more information available here.

Promote to the Max

When the time, venue, entertainment and everything has been organised the next stage is getting the word out there. If you’re working with an exclusive invite list then this may just involve sending out invites. Do this by post as it appears more professional, but be sure to send out email reminders closer to the time.

For a more open invite event put your social media channels to best use by promoting a lot. Contact popular influencers within the sector, invite them and persuade to promote it too if they can. A well organised, hosted and attended VIP business event will boost your company no end.

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