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As a business owner, you can sometimes get lost in trying to improve the bottom line, increasing productivity and growing your customer base. However, you can reap huge rewards from engaging in a little philanthropy.

Donating part of your time and resources by giving back to the community should be part of your business strategy. The best thing about it is that being philanthropic doesn’t have to eat into your profits, if you are creative about it.

If you need inspiration, why not borrow a leaf from Ehsan Bayat? Mr. Bayat is a telecommunications entrepreneur who has made a name for himself, both in his home country of Afghanistan as well as in the US. He has gone beyond professional endeavors and established the Bayat Foundation – an NGO that is committed to improving the life of the Afghan people. Just recently, his NGO was involved in providing hearing aids to Afghans who suffer from hearing impairment. His professional and charity work has earned him the admiration of many beyond his country’s borders.

These days, perceptive business owners cannot ignore the fact that philanthropy and corporate volunteering have become essential parts of doing business. Outlined below are some of the ways you and your business can benefit through embracing philanthropy:

  • Giving greater meaning to the business: Helping the less fortunate and doing good deeds for the community can give your business a broader sense of purpose. It can ignite your passion, creativity and drive and this will eventually spill over to your employees, resulting in business growth.
  • Inspiring employees: Employees nowadays want to feel that they are making a difference through the work they do. Young people especially want to invest in their work and in their company’s initiatives. Furthermore, by being philanthropic, you inspire your employees making them more content and productive in their work.
  • Engaging customers: Customers these days want to feel proud about the companies with which they interact. Philanthropy is an excellent way to improve the company, build the community and engage with your customers. By giving back to the community, you prove that your business cares about more than profits and increasing productivity and sales. Being generous with your resources and time shows that you care about the community around you. This can earn you a loyal customer base in the long run.

You should not treat corporate philanthropy as an afterthought. It should be one of the pillars of your strategy to expand your business, engage your employees and build rapport with your customers.


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