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Running a successful business is not always as easy as it may seem and when trouble comes knocking on your door, it’s time to take charge and try to repair any damage that may have been done to your credit standing in the business community. Your credit won’t be rebuilt overnight but with perseverance you can use some straightforward and simple steps to improve your credit rating. Let’s take a look at some ways to improve your company’s damaged credit status.


  1. Make a concentrated effort to begin to pay your business bills on time. It may be wise to speak with your vendors so that they can have a better understanding of where your finances are currently and the initiatives that you plan to employ to make good on your word of promised payment to them.
  2. Ask your vendors to work with you to help you to create a better credit score. Check to see if deadlines can be extended or payment amounts can be reduced as long as you pay on a regular basis. Keeping goods and services flowing into your company will keep your production lines operating and sales occurring that generate capital that can assist you with payments.
  3. Develop a payment plan with all of your creditors and share with them the difficulties that you are experiencing with cash flow; they may even have some suggestions about how to proceed with your financial rebuilding programme. Make good faith efforts to reach out to each creditor, set up a plan that works for you and them, and strive to keep your word about payments that you will be making.
  4. Examine the amount of money that you owe, the amount of each bill, and the rate of interest that you are paying on each one. You may want to approach paying down these outstanding balances by tackling the smallest one first or you may elect to pay down the bill that carries the highest interest rate. After you have paid off one creditor, use the money you had been paying and combine it with payments for the next creditor in your plan, and begin to pay that debt down as quickly as possible. Another approach is to search for one of the small business loans available in your area that can be used to reduce your debt load. By concentrating on repayment of your debts in a timely and orderly fashion, your credit score should begin to improve which will qualify you for additional assistance should the need arise again.
  5. Hire a professional accountant or financial adviser to help you if you cannot devise a plan that suits the needs of your creditors. These professionals are aware of other approaches that you can use to pay down your credit balances so that your business reputation can begin to be repaired. Remember that it’s important to learn from your mistakes, so should you find your company in a financial bind, ascertain what factors prompted the situation and avoid them in future business dealings.

Improving your corporate financial standing can be achieved with hard work, commitment to excellence, and perseverance toward a common goal with your creditors.

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