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On the Ground: Imprinted koozies are great for getting your logo on the ground and in front of poeple. Marketing with custom koozies can be the best choice depending on your target demographic. The designs can be customized for using them to advertise the information and details of the company and get your name out faster than mail or TV. You get a 1000 of them for around $300 easily. The details of the companies can be printed on these koozies without any hassles and within the duration of minutes. These can be used in the social events as well. In a giveaway event , Custom Koozies are the most popular item to market your brand depending on the items that you sell. The are available in different types and collections. They can be served to make the event memorable for the invited guests. Different types of koozies that are available: Collapsible can koozies, beer Bottle and Foam Koozy.

By marketing with custom koozies as you are able to advertise and promote their brands with the printed contact details and logo on these koozies.

Custom Koozy(customkoozy.com) is the best place I order my imprinted koozies from.The ordering of the items is just three clicks’ you can have custom made koozie within minutes. Choose the body color of cooler, link color; add text, select orientation and font face and your cooler is ready. Choose the number of coolers you want to order for shipment.I have found the site has the best prices so far for. So take advantage of this offer till its last and enjoys your drinks longer. Happy partying and marketing! 9.5 out of 10.


In the Air: Billboards are an alternative to marketing on the ground. People drive by them regularly and see the company logo on the billboard and get familiar with it. The whole point of marketing is make the customer familiar with your product. Leasing a billboard is not really that expensive depending on the location. an average billboard in a major city with around 30,000 traffic can be leased for $2000 a month. I would recommend tiring it out and seeing how it goes with your business. If your business is depended on word of mass marketing then billboards are the way to go.

Clear channel owns the most billboards in the United States hands down. I would contact them to see the available locations and exact cost to see if it works for your budget.

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