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Back in the day, established travel agents were the go-to authorities for both leisure and business-related travel. While some travel agencies have survived, many holiday makers and business travelers make their own travel arrangements through online websites. Whether your travel-related website simply serves as a portal or offers a full range of services to your customers, you can use videos to attract more traffic to your website, and in turn generate more transactions and sales.

One way to stand out from a crowded field is to encourage present or potential customers to download website promotions sponsored by your company. Another means of attracting more traffic to your website is through providing rich video content along with savvy social media marketing. One advantage of such an approach is that you can often devise an effective marketing campaign for little or no money, because your customers and clients perform much of the heavy lifting in promoting your company and its services.

Offline and Online Marketing Videos

Offline videos can help full-service travel agents bring their business model into the twenty-first century. Offline videos can provide vivid demonstrations to vendor suppliers and travelers for both leisure and business of the type of high-touch services that only travel agents can provide, such as first-hand expertise about hotels or discounts only available to industry professionals.  These videos can be uploaded to perform double duty in promoting travel agency services to online website visitors.

Customer Video Contests

Customer video contests represent an especially effective means of engaging your customers while utilizing their experiences to promote your company's travel-related services. Hold a contest where customers upload videos of their experiences during a vacation booked through your company's services. Prizes for the best videos could include even more services offered by your company. For instance, a contest to promote your company's vacation packages could consist of customer videos uploaded during vacations that were booked through your company's vacation packages services.

Prizes for the best customer videos could include a free hotel night in an upscale hotel. If you wish to provide more lucrative prizes, consider co-sponsoring a customer video contest with vendor supplies such as hotels airlines, restaurants and retailers to create an exciting all-expenses-paid vacation for one or more grand prize winners. Customers could earn extra entries by encouraging their friends and families to vote for their videos.

Social Media Videos

Social media represents the ideal vehicle for your travel-related company to promote its services with videos. Your company's videos can feature you and your staff describing your company's services while on the job. Other social media videos could feature slide shows of satisfied customers enjoying travel-related services provided by your company.

Still other social media videos can feature promotions available only to visitors who "like" your company's website, with extra incentives provided to visitors who "share" the promotion with their friends and family members. Promotional perks can range from t-shirts and mugs featuring your company's logo to discounts on holiday or business travel packages for every visitor who "likes" or "shares" your company's website link or social media profile information with others.

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Dexter Bell is in small business marketing. He enjoys tracking new trends and explaining them to help business optimize their marketing options.

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