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Before venturing into the topic, let’s have a brief idea about the following:

  • What’s a home insurance policy?
  • What are its benefits?
  • How to get a home insurance policy?
  • Why to get home insurance policies at santam?

Going one by one, home insurance policy is the financial cover to the standard risks associated with a home. In simple words, it is the financial security to the tons of bricks in any case they become prone to major risks.

It is quite beneficial for the home owners in terms of providing a fiscal support during times of heavy debts. In case you have taken a loan from the bank for your home and subsequently the building collapsed! You are totally bankrupted! In this case an insurance coverage can help you to stabilize the debt condition.

Getting a home insurance policy is not a big problem, if you have already found the right source for it. Search for those companies which have a wide range of insured perils. Didn’t get it? Well, insured perils are those fronts or issues for which insurance can be given to a building. In other words, these are never similar to the maintenance issues. They are quite and you need to have an intensive research on the various insured perils before settling for a home insurance policy.

Why is it genuine to get home insurance policies at Santam? Why do home insurance policies at Santam stand tall among its competitors? Is it related to the insured perils? Yes? Then, what are those insured perils?

  • Earthquake, Tornado, Tsunami, Cyclones
  • Fire and explosions
  • Theft or robbery
  • Subsidence or landslide
  • Damage to various assets of the house like aerials and satellite dishes, geysers and water pipes, oil heaters, etc.

The next BIG question arising now is that how are the Santam home insurance policies convenient than their counterparts? What are the different provisions offered by them? They give the following benefits to the insurance holders:

  • Medical expenses coverage of the guests and all the domestic employees of the house
  • Insurance coverage to gardens in the house
  • Emergency accommodation to the inmates in case of any unforeseen calamity or hazard
  • provision of security guards against thefts and burglary
  • Trauma treatment
  • Insurance coverage to all stored contents
  • General insurance to all the contents of the household like furniture, furnishings, electrical and electronics items, clothes, sporting accessories, tools and equipments, etc.

Along with these, insurance also covers accidental damages of the house contents like falling and breaking of TV, short circuit of any electronics appliances, accidental breaking of any furniture, etc. Got the essence? Now it’s time to get home insurance policies at Santam.

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