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Gardening enormous potential of LED lighting

Jul - 21 - 2012

LED supplierspossess identified the huge benefits of the horticultural potential of LED lighting. Due to advances in technology, in a very compact package, this is the ideal gathering to a small number of LED lamps provide high lumen output. LED lights is one of many world's fastest growing market. The light-emitting diode (LED) is a standard lighting industry and products, breakthrough technologies that we enjoyed for decades. To do so many benefits from their energy usage and conversion rates. In addition, LED fluorescent and incandescent lamps compared to more directly manage the light output. Sophisticated manage of the LED light output is more and more different applications ranging from cosmetics industry, residential and street lights. But before widespread adoption may occur designer must understand the property development considerations, so that they can provide a return on investment for our customers. A pilot project to test conventional greenhouse with a special wavelength of the LED light source replacement has been made in energy consumption decreased by 40% and 20% reduction of fertilizer for healthful plant growth. Also have a positive impact on the further development of the LED diode technology, 455nm and 660nm wavelength will achieve 45% efficiency LED. Solid-state lighting, LED lighting another name, other electronic equipment is expected by the end of 2011, its junction temperature determine the longevity and The correct operation is the same. Cooling technology, effective LED thermal management, and is being deployed throughout the electronics industry. LED is not not yet been processed, a new heat transfer phenomenon. The LED lighting of the main challenges is the integration of the deployment surroundings and the user's proper to air conditioning engineering.

By high-pressure sodium lights converted to LED lighting, energy conservation can be achieved. In addition to energy conservation, the use of specific spectral matching chlorophyll absorption peak wavelength of the LED can ensure more effective in promoting photosynthesis and plant growth light output. The country's most advanced, energy-efficient LED technology, through the use of specific wavelengths to stimulate plant growth, while significantly lowering energy consumption is an important opportunity. Increase the light output of the LED junction heat decrease. Blue is the least affect the color, experience only a few percent change in a wide temperature range, while the yellow and red the most different. The influence of different temperatures of each color and light output swing is measurable and visible. This includes these days lighting applications is the most common low-temperature range. Greenhouse and garden stating are beginning to use LED lighting, using several different techniques. LED can be used in the traditional ceiling lamps, as well as multi-layer cultivation (modular vertical layers) and lighting (or between plants), energy conservation. Multi-layer and cross-lighting can stimulate plant growth, reduce power usage, light can more closely in the plant, the less light lost energy to the around atmosphere is especially favorable.

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