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Four Ways To Get Quick Cash

Oct - 31 - 2014

Life is not as predictable as we may like it to be and sometimes we find ourselves in emergency situations. You might have gotten laid off, or you might have gotten into a car accident and are unable to work whatever the situation is, you still need to be able to pay the bills. Many of you have been through situations like these before, and those of you who have not should stay take an interest because these emergencies can happen at anytime. Luckily, there are many options for you to take quick loans. The great benefit of quick loans is that most credit scores are approved and the money is in your account almost immediately.

Title Loans

Title loans are great for quick money. Another good thing about title loans are that there is no credit check most of time. The details of a title loan can be found on LoanSource.com, but the basic concept is easy to comprehend. You ask for a certain amount of money and instead of the lenders checking your credit to see how likely you are to pay the money back; they use your car title as credit.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

These loans are also quick, but require a bit more credit to obtain. Peer to peer lending offers the money quickly because it takes out the middleman or the big time companies that have to follow long lists of protocol in order to get you approved for loans. On many peer to peer lending sites it is two fold, you can log in as a lender or you can log in as a borrower. As a borrower, you put how much money you need and the purpose for the loan. Then lenders log in and fund loans with their own money.

Cash Advance From Credit Cards

The third quick option allows for cash from some of the funds you already have available to you. One thing about these loans is that they can end up being expensive and you might be paying a lot more in the long run if you use these. Credit card companies are smart and are always looking for ways to increase their profits. So these types of loans are at a high interest rate and many of them also require you to pay an initial fee or pay a certain percentage of the loan when it is received.

Pay Day Loans

These are short-term loans so they have to be paid back pretty quickly, on your next paycheck actually, which is where the name comes from. You are approved for money based on how much your paychecks are with, so you have to show proof of that when you apply for the loan. Once again your credit is not necessary for you to be approved for one of these loans.

The benefit of quick loans is obvious you get your money fast. They are especially helpful if you have bad credit or are trying to get your credit back to where it used to be.

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