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We often talk about dressing according to body shapes, but many women often neglect looking at their hair type before deciding on what hairstyle to go with. You don't want to be caught with a hairstyle that doesn't suit your hair type and face shape or you run the risk of ruining your entire "look"! Here are a few quick boxes to tick before you arrive at the hair style that ups your fashion quotient significantly!!

1. Read your face : Reams and reams have been written about the shape of your face and the hair styles that suit them. Hair-dressers will swear by them and you only stand to gain by acquainting yourself with them Look up this information that is easily available. Figure out what is the shape of your face (Oval, round, square, heart and the like), look at the width of your forehead, the structure of your cheekbones and sometimes, even the spacing of your eyes to arrive upon a hairstyle that you can truly rock!

2. The demographics of your hair : Let's face it! Most of us have not been blessed with those perfect soft, shiny tresses. Our hair lengths, volumes, and textures, vary from the North pole to the South Pole! The good news though, is that there is a hairstyle that will suit your particular hair. So, pay attention to the length of your hair, the texture and form (for instance, dry and wavy), volume (thin, thick and the like) and try to see what would would suit best. Based on your assessment of your hair type, there are numerous hair styling products to choose from and equipment that you can use to create really fashionable do's!

3. Your whole outfit : Always and always take a look at what you are planning to wear ! This includes everything from the type of clothes overall to the kind of neckline and down to any hair accessories you might plan on wearing. So, if you are planning on wearing a flower in your hair, try a soft, shiny, loose, waves kind of look, country girl!

4. The occasion : Take cues from the occasion and place that you are going to go. It goes without saying that a workplace might demand a certain type of hairstyle as opposed to an upscale restaurant. Do ensure that the fashion of your hair style is not out-of-place in the event or setting you are in.

5. Finally, the weather! All said and done, you need to acknowledge the fact that somethings are just not in your control. So do be sensible with your hair in terms of styling for different weather. Don't work your hair too much during hot, humid climates. Just pull it up in to a neat little ponytail or a fishtail braid or a top bun!

All in all, a hairstyle is no laughing matter and you need to think through a little bit to ensure that you are remembered as the girl who has the most fashionable hairstyles ever!!!!

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