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Finding the most suitable London apartment

Dec - 3 - 2012

The capital city is the first choice for lots of renters every year. People move to the capital city for work and social reasons at all stages of their lives. Renting here is a popular option considering the current financial climate combined with the still high cost of property in the area.

There are many reasons to move to London   the culture, the nightlife and the possibilities for employment. Lots of graduates head to the capital straight after university, hoping to put their hard earned degrees to good use, while others descend on the city later in life looking for the possibility for promotion.

Typically, it is young professionals who look for flats to rent in London, although in the current climate many people are choosing to rent in a bid to upsize because they are finding it difficult to sell and move on from their current property. However, you have to be quick on your feet to find the right house or flat in London. Right now, with mortgages harder to come by than in years gone by, rented flats and houses are hot property   literally.

Look beyond the obvious
Don't rely on the most popular national property websites   these are the properties that everyone is looking at. If you are looking for something specific, you might find the best option is to register your interest and list your requirements with an estate agent so they can advise you when a suitable property comes available. It is becoming increasingly more common for rented houses to be snapped up before they even make it to the website, with queues of people waiting for flats to rent in London.

What to do first
If you are looking for a flat to rent, the best strategy is to contact the local estate agent operating in the area you a planning to move to. They will be able to give you advice and guidance regarding the budget you should expect to spend, the amount of room you are likely to acquire and of course the availability of a property in the area matching your needs.

Your estate agent will be able to offer suitable properties which are, for example, close to work or to a specific tube station. They will also be able to recommend particular locations within their area.
If you are seeking a specific type of rental property   such as a period building or brand new build with parking space   chances are other people are looking for the same sort of property. This means you might end up on a list, which means a quick decision is needed to secure your new home.

Finding a home to rent in London can be very competitive, so make sure you list your requirements with estate agents rather than simply waiting for the "right" property to appear on the most popular home seeking websites.

John McVitie writes regularly on flats to rent in london for a range of property websites and blogs. He has worked in the property industry for many years   both as an estate agent and as a writer in the London area and beyond. He regularly offers his insight into the property market, with particular focus on the events of recent years in the industry.

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