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Exercise with a Media Server

Mar - 8 - 2013

Two days into undertaking the P90X work out, I speedily found that there's something that I really do appreciate concerning the procedure. Very first let me say the main reason that I am performing this exercise is because I am lazy... Or like some would say I desire to accomplish factored efficiently. With that being stated I have located that possessing to alter the DVD each time it's time for you to the workout, truly is not my excellent method of performing things.

All that becoming explained I wished to discover a far better method to making the procedure less complicated for myself. I am a technical guy that really understands the fundamentals of generating issues perform using the issues I've. So I started out to look into how I could get each of the P90X DVD's into one place and be capable to stream the videos to a single or much more products inside of my home. I did a rapid search for media servers and how they operate within the different varieties of operating techniques. Properly I'm a real to the heart Linux user and found that you will find totally free choices to permit precisely what I need to have or desired.

Initially I needed to determine the items I must make this take place, Xbox - in this case is my existing method of selection, Linux (Ubuntu set up), user (the media server to become put in on Ubuntu).

The basics are to put in and configure uShare in your Linux machine. Create the application right into an operator standing then head to the Xbox. Head to the media segment of one's Xbox and see the choice for uShare. Now that's half the battle from that point. In my configuration I discovered a challenging drive that was massive ample to handle me putting each of the video clips in a single spot. Then I configured the uShare media server to read through that tough drive.

Once every one of the configurations are produced you restart the media server and the Xbox. Now going back on the Xbox and check the media section, you ought to see every one of the movies that you just have set up on to the challenging drive that was picked. The most effective part of all this now that you simply have P90X set up on the media server you by no means need to worry about browsing by way of the DVD once again. Now the last portion that I have figured is in case you determine to order a reduced model Xbox and place it yet another area you'll have the ability to get your exercise on, without possessing to re-configure something.

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