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ERP Software Systems

Sep - 6 - 2013

What is now called Enterprise Resource Planning software started in the long ago dark ages of computing – a little over a decade ago – as Material Resource Planning or MRP systems. The primary difference is the way in which ERP software systems have come to encompass virtually all major areas of the enterprise computing needs. These elements now include quality control, maintenance, sales and distribution, estimating, and accounting functions. The recent attention paid to Software as a Service applications in ERP systems helps to add functionality without adding to the burden of local IT managers and network administrators.

The overall impact of the cloud services segment of the market is allowing more manufacturing facilities to add ERP systems without significant investments in local hardware and personnel. Of course, with this growth come increasing monthly costs for the total IT capabilities. Many companies are now being forced to conduct a financial analysis between the upfront costs of in-house capabilities and the issue of “paying forever” for remote and SaaS applications. Another major factor impacting the implementation of ERP systems is the increasing use of mobility. As employees become more mobile, they expect that same increase in mobility of the applications they use.

This means that both companies and ERP vendors are rushing to provide apps that increase the functionality of tablets and smartphones. An additional aspect of ERP evolution is the trend towards shop floor integration. This includes real-time shop floor compatibility and reliable batch data transfers. Those who use ERP software will see a continued evolution of the concept.

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