Dr. Frances Gilman Discusses Her Work With Socati

A great career position sometimes translates into a chance to use your talents for a project that you really believe in and enjoy. This scenario has been the case for Dr. Frances Gilman. As a valued member of the team at Socati, she enters each workday knowing she is involved in important work that she is happy to enjoy, but moreover that she is proud to know can help make the world a better place. Her role and responsibilities also provide a chance to use her talents from her doctorate-level course- and labwork in Microbiology. As a Senior Vice President with Socati, Dr. Gilman is responsible for a multitude of production areas related to THC-free and non-detectable THC products. She has tracked along career path to steadily rise from a consulting microbiologist at the facility into her present position. During the process, she has mastered additional skills and found to treasure her work with Socati — a place she considers home. Looking toward the future, Dr. Gilman believe that Socati is a company that is likely boast further important growth and meaningful expansion to meet more demands.

Her Background and Work Experience

Dr. Gilman was always attracted  to the sciences, as she recollects here. As an important life decision, she decided to pursue her doctorate in the challenging field of Microbiology at the University of Montana in Missoula. While her academic work was pleasant, Dr. Gilman decided had a deeply calling interest in applying business skills with her scientifically driven education and accolades. This desire to blend the two led her to seek suitable opportunities. When she found a listing at Blue Marble, she discovered it was an ideal fit. Blue Marble was acquired by Socati, and that’s when the entire team including Dr. Gilman was retained. Dr. Gilman continued her work on the company team and heled supervise many areas of production, as well as working to create different types of products. Her knowledge and experience have equipped her team at the company and ensures that corporate goals are being met since the time of  the acquisition.

Natural and Sustainable Products

One of the many things Dr. Gilman enjoys about her work is Socati’s focus and attention on the production of the broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD in ways that are both completely natural and clearly sustainable. Dr. Gilman and her team members are committed to ensuring the most effective and appropriate manufacturing process to help ensure natural, sustainable production. She shared that her team pays close attention to everything in use during the entire production process, for instance using water-soluble CBD, and CBG, CBC, CBN, and making sure that every single solvent used in the process is completely bio-based. In addition, she and her team look for and investigate new ways to reduce the amount of waste that is produced during the process of creating items like broad-spectrum, non-detectable THC, cannabinoid-based and THC-free hemp. They are also creating methods to modify some waste products into items that are to be effectively used as additional products consumers want.

Looking to the Future

Dr. Gilman is quite hopeful as she considers the future of the industry. As many of her colleagues know, the CBD industry has a great deal of promise and likely long-term growth as science, technology and consumers in the marketplace learn more. Dr. Gilman reflected about the increasing demand for not only hemp extract but also for more water-soluble CBD products and uses. She and her team know that consumers want quality products they can depend on and trust every time they purchase them. Dr. Gilman and her team consistently ensure that all items arriving for consumer purchase and use are meeting their highest quality standards. She is pleased that Socati is able to provide such a variety of new product lines from the innovative and helpful creations from varied types of hemp products.

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