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Develop Debt Problems

Dec - 25 - 2013


Teenagers need to learn how to handle money, but at the same time, our society uses credit and debt cards for most purchases. A teenager is still a minor and cannot get a credit card. This is actually a good thing, because parents don’t need to teach their teenagers about credit until they have instilled the basics of personal finance and responsibility in them. The best way to teach them this is with a Spendsmart Mastercard. This is a pre-paid debit card that is controlled by the parent. The money is deposited by a parent, but the card is used by the teenager. Only the money that has been transferred to the card can be used for purchases; at no time is there any credit available.

A parent can monitor the purchases made by their teenager and provide guidance on budgeting money and spending habits. The card also allows parents to prevent its use in various stores that they do not want their child purchasing from. This is also an ideal way to pay a teenager their allowance. The money can be transferred directly to the card when the allowance is due. Parents also have the peace of mind in knowing their teenager will never develop debt problems or create debt problems for the family. You can visit Spendsmartcard.com today and fill out an outline application. It is both quick and easy.

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