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Great business meetings are comprised of equal parts confidence, presentation and know-how. You need to know your subject matter inside-out, you need to have the confidence to present it well, and you need to be able to do so in a manner and environment which is appealing for your clients.

Creating the perfect business meeting environment is just as much about comfort as it is about reception. You not only want your guests to be able to receive your presentation, but also to participate and interact with you during and afterwards.

Your Clients

From the outset you should have a clear understanding of your guests’ needs and expectations. This will not only show that you have thought ahead about how best you can receive them, but that you are interested in making them feel comfortable. When you set up the meeting, make sure to ask your attendees if they have any particular requirements, such as dietary restrictions.

Your Place or Mine?

When choosing whether or not to hold your business meeting at your own office, you should take into account a number of different factors. Do you have the space to accommodate guests? Is your office easy to find and will it be physically accessible for all of the attendees? Do you have the facilities to run your meeting – AV equipment, or seating for example?

If the answer to any of these questions is no you may wish to consider holding your meeting at another location. However, if a lack of seating or equipment is the only obstacle in your way you may wish to consider a hire service, or even making a few small purchases beforehand. David Phillips Furniture does next day sofa delivery, which is perfect for business owners who need to quickly furnish a space before their guests arrive.

Arranging Your Space

The arrangement of a meeting space will exert a psychological effect on both you and your guests. For example, if you wish to convey information in a direct way, forward facing seating will engender this better than a round table. If you wish to encourage participation, however, a round table is your best option.

Eliminating distractions is also very important. Make sure the thermostat is easy to access and shut out distractions by making sure the rest of your staff know they should keep the outside noise down to a minimum.

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