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There is always repair and maintenance work in the electrical sector but there have been a few quiet years while the economy was struggling. There are certainly signs that it is on the move again, nowhere more than in the South East. It is the part of the UK that will always show the first signs of change and with London being such an important part of the economy there will always be demand for housing in the surrounding counties.


On the move

Construction of new housing is very much on the agenda. In Essex there is certainly a housing shortage hence the plans to develop an old hospital site in Chelmsford into a residential estate. Linden Homes have given a 3D vision of how the site will be transformed. Many of the people who may be interested in buying will have been born in the hospital if they have always lived locally. It opened as a hospital back in the 1920s and only closed three years ago.

It is the kind of project that a professional electrical contractor would happily take on; it will be an exacting job with the need to tender but a company with experience will have no doubts about its ability to deliver on time and to budget. It is something that can be scheduled into a calendar without there being any loss in service to households who want to know that there is someone able to respond to an emergency 24/7.

If you are looking for an electrical contractor you should opt for one that explains itself clearly on its website and clearly realises the importance of service. The search engines such as Google and Yahoo respond to general searches and of course narrow the search down whenever a location is added.


The services that you can expect to see and the jobs that will be considered include:

  • Full installation and testing of the wiring of a residence or company premises
  • Repair and maintenance for landlord portfolios
  • Supply installations
  • Secondary fixes for electrical appliances
  • Security alarms
  • Door entry systems
  • New Commercial Projects

Recognised standards

You would not give this type of work to any company. It needs to be one that works to standards, ones that are nationally recognised and prioritises the need for health and safety for its own staff and all its clients.

Major projects will need a quotation prepared but there may well be guideline prices for the most popular jobs that you may need doing at home. You will have to decide whether those prices are competitive but at the same time remember the quality you will be getting.

Electrical contractors in Essex should already be seeing an increase in installation activity. Electrical projects seem certain to increase as developments are planned and proceed. If you need electricians for a project of your own then you could make contact and discuss your requirements. You will get a quotation and the guarantee of experienced installation engineers if you decide to proceed.

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