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NEW YORK John Chambers, the Cisco Corp. chief executive doesn't envy the work that lies ahead of fellow big-tech CEO Meg Whitman at Hewlett-Packard Co. . Chambers told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday that the former Ebay Inc. CEO and California gubernatorial candidate Whitman has, "a tough hand to play, but clearly as a competitor I like competing against that hand, and we are going to try and accelerate while they are struggling." The two companies compete across several markets. HP has struggled in recent years as rival Apple Inc.'s grown by leaps and bounds in the hardware space, and others have outpaced HP's service business growth. The firm has also been plagued by high turnover at the top as several recent CEO have left abruptly. "There's not been a company ever turned around by the fifth CEO on the job," Chambers said in the interview.

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