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Like many Americans, David Morris is struggling to make ends meet. He is working two part-time jobs, one at his local grocery store for $ 10 an hour, and — ironically — as an administrative assistant to job-search companies when needed.  At 26, Morris has big plans for his career, to put his Master’s degree in Public Policy and undergraduate degree in economics to work, but almost a year into his job hunt and with no full-time job offers, he is losing hope.  “I’ve been working at least four to five hours a day job hunting in between my part-time […]

Last Sunday I adjusted my glasses not once, but twice to make sure I was reading these words in The New York Times correctly: “To nudge students toward job-friendly degrees, [Florida Governor Rick Scott’s] task force on higher education suggested recently that university tuition rates be frozen for three years for majors in ‘strategic areas,’ which would vary depending on supply and demand,” writes Lizette Alvarez. “An undergraduate student would pay less for a degree in engineering or biotechnology — whose classes are among the most expensive for universities — than for a degree in history or psychology.” Seriously? The […]

A few weeks ago I called my mother to tell her I was coming to stay with her because I had no heat or hot water. I was feeling edgy, but she was happy to help. We chatted for a few minutes, I said I’d see her soon, and then she made a parting comment that was essentially a gratuitous potshot at my political beliefs. I flew off the handle. Some of the words that came out of my mouth are not for “family” consumption, shall we say. When I hung up, I almost knocked the phone’s cradle off the […]

Five Steps to Take Before you Quit

Jobs may be hard to find these days, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 2 million Americans quit their jobs every month. Naturally, many of these people are hoping to move onto a bigger and better opportunity, or possibly just something more pleasant. But in a tough job market, there are no guarantees. If you are thinking of quitting your job without a replacement lined up, it is important to look before you leap. Here are five moves to make before you tell the boss: 1. Get your debt under control There are two big problems with […]

An Unapologetic Black Friday

As you read this, I am likely in a big fat American mall. I know if I want to claim my piece of the moral high ground I should be lying through my teeth and saying I’m strolling my town and shopping at its local businesses. Ho ho ho. But not so fast on this holier-than-thou tone that seems to be all the rage regarding Black Friday. Oh, those shallow wretches duking it out for the toy of the moment at some mammoth department store. How could they be thankful for the air they breathe one day and muscling some […]

A low-cost new skill can help you get a job The only thing standing between a job and many job seekers is a skill that might be acquired with a minimal investment of time and little or no money. “Credentialing is everything in the job market today,” says Eric Seleznow, state policy director for the National Skills Coalition in Washington, D.C. A credential or certificate is a document that attests to a person’s qualifications or competence. It is often acquired by completing course work in a year or less at a community college. It also can be attained through on-the-job […]

Putting Power in Perspective

By the time you read this, we’ll already know what kind of damage Hurricane Sandy has inflicted on the Northeast. But as I write this, I have no idea what’s coming. I’m waiting with my water and my batteries. Waiting. Wondering. Helpless. I can only empower myself so much. Then it’s about trusting my government officials to protect me as best they can. It’s about trusting the construction of this charming old building. Ultimately, for me, it’s about trusting that whatever happens is supposed to happen and it’s something we’ll have to deal with and carry on. If I sound […]

The job search process can certainly cause an excess amount of clutter. Searching, applying, tracking, and networking your job skills can be stressful when you’re on the hunt for a job. It doesn’t always take a personal assistant, website, or online application to make the job search more organized. Cut your stress by applying these three simple tips for staying organized during your job search: 1. Preparation It isn’t often that job seekers find success when entering into the job search blindly. Never underestimate the secret weapon that is careful preparation. Putting a strong attention to detail into the necessary job […]

When I got on the New York subway on a recent Saturday afternoon, I squeezed into the car along with a woman with a stroller. As the train sped away, her little boy, of course surrounded by passengers’ knees at his eye level, looked up and smiled engagingly at me when I winked at him. I had his attention for most of the 10-minute ride. “His eyes are so beautiful,” I said to his mother. “And he’s got such a personality.” “Ironic,” she said with a laugh. “We just left my grandmother and her friends and he didn’t take to […]

The goal of this column is not to make a lot of MBAs cringe. But I suspect it’s going to. Last week a friend sent me an email to make a virtual introduction with an acquaintance of hers. The other person is an aspiring life coach and writer. My friend noted that she felt it was OK to connect us because our niches are not similar and therefore we wouldn’t be competitors. While that is a perfectly normal and thoughtful sentiment, it wouldn’t have mattered to me either way because I don’t consider anyone else competition. Lest that sound completely […]

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