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After spending your college years eating cheap pizza and living off a meal plan, you finally have a good job and money in your bank account, and it can be tempting to want to spend it all. However, neglecting to have a good financial plan in place could hurt you years down the road when you want to purchase a home or have a fulfilling retirement. It’s never too early  [ Read More ]

Where Should You Put Your Savings?

Before you can decide what to do with your savings, you need to work out what your goals are. Is this money to be set aside as savings – saved for a specific purpose or is it to be invested for the long-term. Money set aside for savings is usually put into a low risk account that earns interest, rather than a high-risk investment option. This will allow the money  [ Read More ]

Estate planning is at the back of the mind for some families, and it’s not surprising given how complicated the process can be. However, with the right law firm by your side that can provide the services you need to plan for the future of your family, you’ll be better equipped to overcome the many obstacles in your way. If you’re yet to come up with a plan for the  [ Read More ]

What to Look for in an Arabian Horse

You’ve decided to purchase an Arabian horse and now you commence the search for the finest animal in all the land to bring to your farm or estate. What characteristics do you search for as you review the animals that are available for purchase in your area? It’s a good idea to make a list of the attributes that you will be examining with each horse so that you won’t  [ Read More ]

The 6 Fastest-Growing Jobs in the US

Job security is a real issue in a changing economy. What once was a promising choice may not be the best option anymore. If you’re looking for a career you can count on, here are seven of the fastest-growing jobs in the United States. With their high growth rates, you can be ready for any shift the job market takes on. Personal Financial Advisor According to the U.S. Department of  [ Read More ]

When you are engaged in any type of dispute that involves money, you should partner with a team of forensic accountants to take advantage of their expertise and guidance. Tracking the worth of your assets or the value of your estate and business should be left to the professionals who are accustomed to finding a tailor-made solution in a timely and accurate fashion. Let’s take a look at some of  [ Read More ]

There are literally thousands of people working in industries who might need motor trade like that offered by One Sure Insurance but don’t.  This could be a problem because without it, if anything happens to the vehicles you’re working on/with, it might be you who’s forced to pay the damages.  With motor trade insurance, this wouldn’t be an issue, but how do you know if you actually need it?  Here  [ Read More ]

In your average workplace there will be a huge range of electrical appliances that get used by workers throughout the day, and this includes the computers that they work on all the way through to the kettle in the kitchen, and everything in between. Coming into contact with electricity kills people and injures hundreds more each year, and as a business owner this is something that you need to be  [ Read More ]

First Home Owners Grant WA

A First Home Owners’ Grant can be a confusing thing for those approaching it from the outside. Many don’t fully understand why the First Home Owners’ Grant was instituted in the first place. The Grant was created in the year 2000. The primary goal is to offset the GST, or Goods and Services Tax. This allows individuals who are purchasing a home from a lower position of financial status to  [ Read More ]

Mortgage Protection Insurance

The reasons people buy mortgage protection insurance policies is so they can have peace of mind: the insurance company can make your mortgage payments for you should you lose your job or if you get disabled and are unable to work. Some types of mortgage insurance will also pay off the entire mortgage should you die, and some policies provide for both scenarios. A great advantage of this type of  [ Read More ]

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