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Back in the day, established travel agents were the go-to authorities for both leisure and business-related travel. While some travel agencies have survived, many holiday makers and business travelers make their own travel arrangements through online websites. Whether your travel-related website simply serves as a portal or offers a full range of services to your customers, you can use videos to attract more traffic to your website, and in turn  [ Read More ]

Utilize Media to Connect With Your Customers

The best thing about being involved in business in 2014 is that there are so many exciting and innovative ways to connect with your customer base and built real brand loyalty. Social media is an amazing tool for getting your name known, creating brand awareness and being able to connect with the wishes and concerns of your clients in real time. Choose Your Platform Before you start frantically tweeting or  [ Read More ]

Nexsan Data Storage

As businesses continue to move away from printed files and information and towards totally digital information the result is that millions of companies rely on data that is stored on computer servers and hard drives. If those pieces of hardware are damaged, destroyed or lost for any reason, that data also gone. Even as the cloud becomes a reality and more than a buzzword, the reliance on remote data storage  [ Read More ]

Well-designed infographics that go viral have inspired many to try to make their own. After all, the best designs make them look deceptively simple, and the availability of programs ranging in price from GIMP to Photoshop means that it seems like anyone can create them. The problem is, many people can create infographics, but few can create designs that are eye-catching, effective, and still look easy. A great design that  [ Read More ]

Two days into undertaking the P90X work out, I speedily found that there’s something that I really do appreciate concerning the procedure. Very first let me say the main reason that I am performing this exercise is because I am lazy… Or like some would say I desire to accomplish factored efficiently. With that being stated I have located that possessing to alter the DVD each time it’s time for  [ Read More ]

Boost morale and motivate employees with these tips for holiday bonuses. Holiday bonuses are a great way to reward and motivate employees, but deciding how to award the holiday bonus can leave small business owners with a lot of questions. How much should you give? Follow these tips to decide the best way to handle this yearly tradition. Reward top performers. It can be tempting to make cash bonuses equal across the board, or base them on a percentage of income. However, experts agree that performance-based bonuses are the best way to motivate employees and reward your hardest workers.“Giving everybody [...]

Never charge less than what it costs to produce goods or services. Period. And if it ever comes to that, consider whether selling those goods or services makes good sense, says Mike Gatti, senior vice president of member relations for the National Retail Federation. The trick to discounting properly is avoiding cutting into the bottom line too deeply, or too often: Do it in a way that increases overall transaction value or brings customers back for repeat visits—not in a way that encourages customers to wait for sales, or think your initial prices are not the “real” price.  “A good [...]

Cliff Ennico, Attorney, author, columnist Don’t worry, it happens to everybody. Every business will have clients that either just stop paying or slow down payments. In a recent webinar, Dealing with Deadbeats: Getting the Money You Are Owed Fast and Legally, Cliff Ennico provides tips for what to do when these situations arise. Ennico has 32 years of experience dealing with small businesses and is considered one of North America’s foremost small-business experts. Furthermore, he has authored ten books on entrepreneurship and small-business success. When a client stops paying or slows down payment, Ennico says try to stay cool and [...]

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