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Small business owners expose themselves to several risks from the moment they start their company. Thus, it is necessary for businesses to get the right insurance to protect themselves from bankruptcy. The following are five types of insurance small business owners should have. 1. Commercial General Liability Insurance This type of insurance protects your business against customer claims. For instance, customers that claim they were injured after using the products  [ Read More ]

Choosing the proper removal firm can make a big difference with any type of move you are planning, whether you are planning an office move to the next town or city or a residential move to a different country altogether. But even whilst there are plenty of removal firms out there, not all of them are qualified to carry out a good job. In this regard, don’t be tempted, either  [ Read More ]

If you don’t believe that timing can be everything, you’ve obviously never been forced to take a school exam whilst a relative is in the hospital. You’ve probably never been on all night bender, only to get home and find out that your driving test has been rescheduled for the following morning. It’s true, timing can very easily mark the difference between triumph and failure. In the case of driving  [ Read More ]

As you get older, you begin to think about the legacy that you’re leaving behind, the impact that your life has made on your family and friends, and how your family members can be taken care of for years to come.  One of the most economical ways to assure your family of continued financial support is to make your plans and obtain some quality insurance policies early in your career.   [ Read More ]

Before you can even begin to think about expanding your business, it’s essential that you invest some time and thought in security. There are a number of things that can rock a business, particularly a young business, and it’s essential that business leaders can implement strategies to reduce their impact as soon as possible. Here, we take a look at a handful of tips which managers can employ to make  [ Read More ]

In the business world, it always pays to take a long term view of things and nowhere is this more apparent than when considering insurance. From public liability insurance to employees’ health insurance, there are a huge number of insurance options out there for businesses in the UK. Knowing when it’s worth investing in an insurance policy is key to getting the most from your company’s finances. Here, we take  [ Read More ]

There are literally thousands of people working in industries who might need motor trade like that offered by One Sure Insurance but don’t.  This could be a problem because without it, if anything happens to the vehicles you’re working on/with, it might be you who’s forced to pay the damages.  With motor trade insurance, this wouldn’t be an issue, but how do you know if you actually need it?  Here  [ Read More ]

Risk is a big part of our day-to-day lives, both in a personal and professional capacity. While you may not be able to eradicate all potential hazards, there are steps you can take to protect yourself against the harmful effects they can have. Where businesses are concerned, professional indemnity (PI) – or professional indemnity insurance (PII) as it is also known – is a big part of this. Here we  [ Read More ]

There are several factors to think about when searching for and choosing an appropriate and qualified one among many health and safety consultants. It might be daunting if you are not familiar with it. But you can learn some useful information here. You should consider about professional certifications (the consultant must have acknowledged credentials to be regarded as a professional if there’s the possibility of litigation), demonstration of knowledge and experience  [ Read More ]

Good Health Assures Good Performance

The health of a company is dependent upon a number of things; one is the actual health of its staff whose good performance can make that little bit of difference. If a company has human resources issues it may need help. If a member of staff needs assistance then there is help at hand. Employee Assistance Programmes Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) are designed to help when help is needed. There  [ Read More ]

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