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Insulation for industries is a lot cheaper and more efficient than it has ever been in the past. There was a time when insulation did not make sense for industrial buildings, because the costs were too high and the rewards were not sufficiently impressive to merit such an investment. But finding low emissivity insulation materials and methods is not as challenging as it seems. Here is a look at five  [ Read More ]

Five Recession-Proof Industries

Five Recession-Proof Industries As many Americans know, the state of the economy has been tenuous at best over the last decade. With the economic crash in 2008, there have been more bad times than good in the recent past. This is most evident in the job market: after the crash, unemployment soared to an unthinkable ten percent, leaving thousands of workers without jobs. As the economy slowly rebounds, employment has  [ Read More ]

Workplace safety is top priority, especially in warehouse facilities with heavy machinery. As an employer, you want to make sure that your training program is first-rate for a secure and protected working environment. The Johnston Safety on the Move® – Train the Trainer program is certified by the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC) and is focused on forklift operator training. The 3-day course blends written content, presentations, videos, and  [ Read More ]

Matching Blinds to a Room

Are you tired of your same-old-same-old bedroom or lounge? Have you been through a kaleidoscope of colours but still feel as though something’ missing? Have you looked at your windows? So many people forget about their windows when decorating a room but the right window dressing, such as custom blinds , can really finish off the overall look of a room. Here’s what’s in now. Prints Printed custom blinds have  [ Read More ]

Art materials for kids

Toddlers love the freedom of drawing and painting. They love to scribble their abstract pictures on whatever material is available, paper, the table or walls, and it is fantastic to see the toddler come to terms with the fine motor control of a pencil or paintbrush. There are many art supplies shops that sell toddler and child related products to help encourage the child to draw and explore their imaginations  [ Read More ]

When considering health and safety hazards in an industrial environment, it’s important to think about what the hazards are, who they will affect and what you can do to manage risk in the most meaningful and practical way. The safety of staff and customers is paramount in establishing a profitable and sustainable business. Machinery Working around machinery can be potentially hazardous as staff and others risk serious injury if they  [ Read More ]

In your average workplace there will be a huge range of electrical appliances that get used by workers throughout the day, and this includes the computers that they work on all the way through to the kettle in the kitchen, and everything in between. Coming into contact with electricity kills people and injures hundreds more each year, and as a business owner this is something that you need to be  [ Read More ]

In today’s world it is important to secure your business property, construction sites, or other such area to protect yourself again accidents, injuries, or threats of various levels. A gate access control system, EntraPASS remote desktop software programs, optical turnstiles, revolving doors, and tailgate detection systems are all ideal ways to achieve a higher level of visible security around your business or work sites. Companies such as Turnstiles.us are working  [ Read More ]

There is always repair and maintenance work in the electrical sector but there have been a few quiet years while the economy was struggling. There are certainly signs that it is on the move again, nowhere more than in the South East. It is the part of the UK that will always show the first signs of change and with London being such an important part of the economy there  [ Read More ]

Climate change is an increasingly important issue when thinking about business continuity – and not just in Tornado Alley, even in the most sedate parts of the UK too, as our weather patterns become less seasonal and even less predictable. Regardless of whether you believe climate change is the result of carbon emissions, the solar cycle, or our emergence from the last ice age, there’s plenty of evidence of isolated  [ Read More ]

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