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University life can disrupt your financial planning abilities, with student loans and money from your parents, you might forget that the importance of managing your money. However, things will change as you make a step onto the property ladder or realise that you need a car for the daily commute to your graduate job. Everyone will have their own individual financial goals, but no matter what they are, effective money  [ Read More ]

How to Prepare for a Market Crash

We’re at a point in time where it seems like almost every day the stock market is closing at record highs, but inevitably there will have to be a decline of some kind. It may not be a catastrophic crash, but there could be some storms on the horizon. So, when you’re an investor, how do you prepare for a market crash? How do you ready yourself to be able  [ Read More ]

Cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing for the few last months and they celebrate a great popularity among a huge audience. We no longer talk only about Bitcoin, but also about other cryptocurrencies. One of the most far-reaching ones is after BTC, Ethereum. Bitcoin – One of the best investments of this decade Cryptocurrencies can significantly help your business. As a long-term investment, they proved to be a fairly good option. In 2008,  [ Read More ]

Where Should You Put Your Savings?

Before you can decide what to do with your savings, you need to work out what your goals are. Is this money to be set aside as savings – saved for a specific purpose or is it to be invested for the long-term. Money set aside for savings is usually put into a low risk account that earns interest, rather than a high-risk investment option. This will allow the money  [ Read More ]

Property surveyors play an important role when it comes to placing a value on your property. They are the ones who can create and sign a valuation report. This is a document that potential buyers will look at if they wish to buy the property. Without the valuation report, it would be difficult telling them what the property is really worth. Although valuation is still more like an estimation, it  [ Read More ]

The UK media has been filled with news stories relating to pensions this year but does that mean people are preparing for their retirement dreams? To help you find out more, True Potential Investor, a UK financial services and technology organisation, has put together the private pension map infographic below. Click on image to enlarge.  

The process of buying a home is riddled with obstacles. A lot of planning goes into buying a perfect home, and with the nature and the cost of the investment, the stakes are rather high. Therefore, stumbling upon these obstacles can cost you a lot of time and money, your new home, and your nerves. That is why we’ve come up with a list of 5 mistakes first-time buyersshould keep  [ Read More ]

Who does not love bonuses? If you are in the financial world, there is no way that you do not want to get any bonus that you want. In most of the time, traders face difficulty in claiming their bonuses. Sometimes they even also have to give additional charges which are higher than their broker’s bonuses. In our article, we are going to tell you about how you can legally  [ Read More ]

If you’re like most business owners, the decision to apply for a new merchant account was probably a big one for you and with good reason. With a merchant account in your corner, you’ll finally be able to offer your customers the same convenient payment options your competition can. It’s definitely a smart move that will allow you to grow your business in new and exciting ways going forward. Even  [ Read More ]

Spread betting is a way of making money by speculating on the price movement of financial markets. The degree of right or wrong in your prediction determines the profitability or losses. Spread betting is a financial product leveraged by trading a small amount of deposit for a much larger stake in the market. Your investments can gain or end up losing the initial deposit. Nevertheless, spread betting is flexible, you  [ Read More ]

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