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How to Build Business Credit

Like regular consumers, businesses are ranked according to a credit system, which indicates how well they perform when taking out loans and other similar financial activities. Business credit is a separate score from personal credit and they are largely unaffected by each other – so if you’re running a company and want to make sure that it’s ready to face serious financial challenges in the future, it’s important to start  [ Read More ]

Consumer loans, SMS loans and credit cards are available to most people today. Nevertheless, many are uncertain about what these services are and who can benefit from using them. There are pros and cons of such loans, and here we try to summarize the main benefits and disadvantages you should think about before deciding to raise a consumer loan. Benefits of consumer loans 1. It is mandatory to apply This  [ Read More ]

The accounting of a business can be frustrating: it consumes a lot of time and does not provide additional income. A good part of the management activities of an entrepreneur is reduced to the registration and organisation of all the accounting paperwork of the business: bills, expenses, taxes to declare, etc. Sometimes, what scares us the most about accounting is not so much its complexity as its final result: what  [ Read More ]

Within the past decade, there has been a huge uprising in the number of entrepreneurs going into business for themselves. What started as survival during the Great Recession when jobs were hard to find has become a trend. Why make money for someone else when your talents can bring in the entire package and not just a less-than-living wage? However, what you may not know if you are contemplating going  [ Read More ]

Adversity comes with the territory of being a business owner, especially those taking the entrepreneurial leap for the first time. And regardless of how well you know your business or industry at large, you’re going to be hit with some unexpected challenges. In fact, many of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs to overcome have less to do with business itself and more to do with time, relationships and your mindset.  [ Read More ]

Starting a business has never been easier. The internet and its many resources make it easy to kick-start a new venture. You can open up an online retail store in your bedroom, start baking cupcakes in your kitchen, or become a celebrity dog walker a few days a week. But, while you might not need much money to open a dog walking business or online store, you will need at  [ Read More ]

University life can disrupt your financial planning abilities, with student loans and money from your parents, you might forget that the importance of managing your money. However, things will change as you make a step onto the property ladder or realise that you need a car for the daily commute to your graduate job. Everyone will have their own individual financial goals, but no matter what they are, effective money  [ Read More ]

How to Prepare for a Market Crash

We’re at a point in time where it seems like almost every day the stock market is closing at record highs, but inevitably there will have to be a decline of some kind. It may not be a catastrophic crash, but there could be some storms on the horizon. So, when you’re an investor, how do you prepare for a market crash? How do you ready yourself to be able  [ Read More ]

Cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing for the few last months and they celebrate a great popularity among a huge audience. We no longer talk only about Bitcoin, but also about other cryptocurrencies. One of the most far-reaching ones is after BTC, Ethereum. Bitcoin – One of the best investments of this decade Cryptocurrencies can significantly help your business. As a long-term investment, they proved to be a fairly good option. In 2008,  [ Read More ]

Where Should You Put Your Savings?

Before you can decide what to do with your savings, you need to work out what your goals are. Is this money to be set aside as savings – saved for a specific purpose or is it to be invested for the long-term. Money set aside for savings is usually put into a low risk account that earns interest, rather than a high-risk investment option. This will allow the money  [ Read More ]

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