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A virtual private data center is a type of cloud service model in which a company, typically a managed services provider, IT company or managed-content entity, provides the entire infrastructure over the cloud. In other words, the provider gives the client a powerful suite of services and resources, ranging from processing and storage of enterprise data to infrastructure, data center management software and operational application – over the Internet, within an unshared or private cloud model. Think of this as someone being thousands of miles away from a business but offering the company a way to remotely store, preserve and manage corporate data on servers that could be even farther from the provider’s location. A virtual private data center offers several benefits to clients, including secure hosting, dynamic scaling capabilities, increasing uptime and reducing “capex” spending.

Multi-Million Dollar Cloud Centers

For businesses of all stripes – even nonprofit entities, such as large charities and the government – storing and maintaining operational data on secure servers is critical. A virtual private data center enables an organization to store data on secured, powerful cloud centers, a harbinger for better data management in the long run. The choice may be more fruitful to a small business, because it could not have been able to afford the host of enterprise-level IT infrastructure and resources offered by the cloud model. So outsourcing in this case is operationally smart. A virtual private data center also introduces operational efficiency in a company’s processes, especially when it comes to IT management. The business can have peace of mind because the IT function is, in essence, outsourced to an external provider, who has the capabilities and resources to store, manage and safeguard the company’s data.

Dynamic Scaling Capabilities

“Dynamic scaling” means that a system, network or process can handle an increasing volume of work in an effective manner, or can be expanded to accommodate that operational growth – in real time. Dynamic scaling instills confident in a business’ strategy and day-to-day tactics, because it provides top managers the ability to leverage a powerful IT infrastructure to grow the company, without reassessing the computing needs each time a new operational idea is gaining prominence within the firm. Said differently, the business can grow, knowing it has the IT backbone necessary to support that growth. For example, dynamic scalability – same thing as dynamic scaling – can help a retailer process an unusually high number of client transactions without reinventing the IT wheel to handle that exponential sales growth.

Reduced Capex Spending

Capex, shorthand for capital expenditures, refers to money an organization doles out for things like office equipment, production machinery and construction or renovation of factories. Finance people refer to capital assets as long-term or fixed resources. Think of things like computers, data servers, digital printers and large-scale computing platforms. By leveraging a virtual private data center’s capabilities and features, a business may see no need to purchase specific equipment to handle every technology related. Gone are the days when a small company would hopelessly barnstorm the offices of bankers and other lenders to raise cash for capex spending. In the modern-day economy, all types of businesses can use the cloud model to meet their computing needs without breaking the bank.

Author Byline: Michael Boyd is a computer engineer with 10 years experience in cloud computing. Mike suggests looking to http://www.savvis.ca/ for all things managed hosting.

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