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During the winter, many would argue that companies have a social responsibility to help the local communities in which they sit. Not only is this good for the community, but it’s good for business, too, as it will promote your company’s brand and present a positive image of your employees, meaning that people will be more willing to work with you.  Here are some great ways to build your brand while helping your community this winter.

Spreading Festive Cheer

There are some great, inexpensive ways you can help your local community this Christmas no matter what size your business is. With a short carol service, you can bring both your employees and your community together to celebrate the season, and whether you go down the traditional carolling route or spice it up with poppier tunes, a mince pie and some warm mulled wine is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.  If you want to go the extra mile, you could put on a festive performance at the local theatre, raising some money for a local charity.

Providing a Useful Service

In the depth of winter, you can’t always rely on the local council to provide all of the safety precautions and help to service the entire community.  Therefore, your business could pull its resources together to help with some fundamental services like road clearing, gritting and you could even help drive stranded people to key points around town.  Of course, you might not have a company bus to do this with, but it could be a potentially useful investment if you want to offer your employees an inexpensive, green way to get to work – particularly if you’re thinking of expanding.

Helping the Needy

It’s an unfortunate truth that not everybody is with their families around Christmas time, so why doesn’t your company do something truly remarkable and support the vulnerable people in your community who are family- and friend-less this Christmas.  You could put on a Christmas dinner party for the homeless, or you could offer your company’s services to a local charity – if only for a day.  This is guaranteed to make a group of people who are lonely at Christmas feel supported and happy.

All of the above ideas are great ways for your business to support the local community this Christmas, and as a side-affect, you’re certain to see an increase in brand recognition and resultantly, sales.

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