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Bob Bratt DLA Piper

Jan - 14 - 2014

There's a little known secret about the most organized and successful of businesses: they have a lawyer on retainer, available at all times, who is just a phone call or an email away. While a lot of business owners no doubt feel that a lawyer should only be retained if there is a current legal issue to deal with, the truth is that all businesses should have a lawyer at the ready not just for assistance with litigation, but general help and guidance for other matters of the business that may be somewhat legal in nature. Examples of this include: filing for a copyright or patent, forming a corporation, or selling the business or buying up another business. The paperwork and processes involved with these can be tricky, so having a lawyer is almost always very helpful.

Lawyers from global law firms are often the ideal choice for businesses, since these lawyers bring not only their own business expertise, but that of their associates for the firm they work for. As the name suggests, global law firms typically work with businesses all over the world, and generally are not limited to certain types of businesses, so they can provide you with all sorts of helpful guidance and information that might be harder to obtain from a local firm or a work-alone lawyer. Bob Bratt DLA Piper is just one example of a global business law firm that can meet the legal needs of any business, no matter what industry you're in, or what the problem or potential problem that you're dealing with is.

So when should you call on the services of your retained lawyer? Well, anytime you're served with a lawsuit or another type of litigation, you will certainly want to pick up the phone and give them a call. If you're in dispute with an employee or even an employer, you'll want to call your lawyer. But for simpler matters, you may be able to handle things on your own. Sometimes, of course, the answer is not quite as clear. When you're starting a business, ending one, or selling one, depending on the finances and to-dos involved, you may be able to handle things on your own. On the other hand, you may find that having a lawyer at your side, even if he or she is doing nothing more than providing support, and peace of mind, can be reassuring, and thus a good idea.

Situations where you will definitely want to have a business lawyer with you include litigation, lawsuits, issues with investors or shareholders, insurance claims (fraud, injury, extortion, etc.), or in any event where the paperwork or necessary steps that need to be taken aren't so clearly outlined. You can help to make the process of working with your lawyer more efficient in these and other matters by doing as much research on your own as possible, filling out paperwork, and having all documents and paperwork as organized as process. Both your lawyer and your wallet will thank you for this.

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