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Art materials for kids

Feb - 25 - 2014

Toddlers love the freedom of drawing and painting. They love to scribble their abstract pictures on whatever material is available, paper, the table or walls, and it is fantastic to see the toddler come to terms with the fine motor control of a pencil or paintbrush.

There are many art supplies shops that sell toddler and child related products to help encourage the child to draw and explore their imaginations while the parent is also assured no lasting damage is going to occur on any furniture or walls.

Here we take a look at some great art supplies for kids that don't break the bank and don't allow your kids to spoil the family home.

Crayons and markers

Chunky crayons are great initially to encourage your child to hold something in their grip and often have a much stronger colour than thinner crayons. Crayons that are triangular shaped are great too as they don't roll off the table so your child doesn't have to keep picking them up off the floor.

Washable markers are best just in case the child decides to draw on their clothes or the wall as well as the paper or canvas. You can teach them the error of their ways by encouraging them to clean the affected area afterwards.


Different kinds of paper are often needed depending on what the child is trying to do. If they are painting with water colours then a thicker paper would be better so the paint does not seep through and make the paper soggy. Standard white a4 paper is great for pencil and markers.


Coloured plastic handled brushes are often easier to grip for children than wooden ones. The brush doesn't warp with a plastic handle and it doesn't lose any paint either.

Chalk and drawing board

A great staple at home and at school. Chalk drawings are great as they can easily be washed away and quite often the child has as much fun erasing the drawing as they did creating it. On dry and sunny days it is easy to transport outside and there is low mess too.Many art supplies shops, such as Jackson 's Art Supplies, supply such materials.

Collage materials

Most young children love making collages as it is often their first contact with glue. Tiny pasta shapes can be great to stick onto collages as can cotton balls. Coloured paper can be cut up into different shapes for the toddler to stick onto their collage. Rice, glitter, and outside items such as leaves, twigs and flower petals can be fun additions to the collage for the toddler to.

Inspiring a child's interest in art doesn't have to be complicated initially.

As a parent you don't need to worry about exposing them to the works of Cezanne or Kandinsky from an early age. The simple concept of having a blank piece of paper and the child can decide what will appear on it is often enough to help a child's imagination develop and encourage an interest in art.

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