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Are you a company with growing data storage needs? When the volume of the information you manage increases, you might consider retrofitting an unused office space  or warehouse to serve as a data center. Although this could work, it will neither be easy nor cheap.

The Trouble With Retrofit Data Centers

To manage a data center in-house, you need secure space with controlled entry and exit.  This involves installing video cameras and biometric identification systems to avoid any unauthorized access to your data servers.

Temperature control is also critical and expensive. Back-end equipment is susceptible to overheating so cooling must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For a smaller data center, air-conditioning is more cost-effective than chilled water cooling systems.  Expect a drastic increase in your power bill.

Power supply and distribution for your office will also be more critical than ever. Power outage shuts down the cooling system and much of your security measures. This leaves your in-house data center vulnerable to fire, security breaches and ultimately data loss.

Because maintaining a retrofit data center requires massive work, data centers purpose-built  and specifically designed for every data management need are becoming increasingly common.  Especially for larger data storage requirements, a purpose-built data center like the colocation in Austin is the wiser choice.

The Benefits of Colocation in Austin

Colocation in Austin is one of the finest in the industry.  For one, power supply in Austin, thanks to the independent Texas grid, is more reliable than in any other state.

With a purpose-built Austin colocation, every aspect of securing a data center – from finding the perfect location to building the ideal structure – is also carefully considered.

Location and the physical construction of the facility are both highly essential. Devastating acts of god can cause damage beyond imagination.  A data center has to be built in an area least prone to natural disasters.  It has to be built to withstand strong winds, tornado, hurricane, lightning, flood and earthquake. Most buildings can only withstand strong winds reaching up to 90 mph so a warehouse built for an entirely different purpose will not be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Austin colocation is sturdy against tornado or hurricane winds, which can come at you at 160 mph.  Cinder block or concrete exterior walls here are 10 inches thick while other retrofitted facilities are built with the standard 7-inch thickness.  Colocation in Austin is made of higher-grade building materials using modern construction techniques.  The building foundation goes deep into the bedrock. Colocation in Austin does not use metal or other fabricated materials for roofing.  Instead, roofs are made of 6-inch concrete for greater protection.  All these components of the physical structure are welded together into one sturdy integrated structure.  Since colocation in Austin is purpose-built for massive data storage, it can accommodate an increase in load without additional construction work.

Finally, because they specialize in securing data storage facilities, colocation in Austin has the experience and the expertise which other IT professionals do not have. You can free up your IT and general services staff by outsourcing your data management needs to a colocation in Austin. This translates to savings in money, time and effort without sacrificing data integrity, security and accessibility.

At the end of the day, you need the security and convenience that Austin colocation can provide.

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Derran Wilson shares information about colocation and data centers in the Austin area.  He believes that using a colocation service in Austin is a wise choice for all the businesses. Darren believes companies should always think about customizable solutions that are tailored to meet their needs.

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