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5 Tips for Designing a Roller Banner

May - 20 - 2015


Roller banners are an important part of your marketing mix and can bring you great success alongside other methods of marketing and advertising your company. Roller banners, pop-up banners, or pull-up displays are powerful when used at events and conferences, and you can also make the most of banners by putting them in the client areas in the office or the reception. Roller banners are ideal as a point-of-sale promotion for new lines and products. Banners are important, which is why getting the right design is crucial. A badly designed pull-up banner draws negative attention and ends up costing you more money than it makes. If you design your roller banner well, it promotes your company and sends your message out in an effective way. Here are some ways you can design a better banner for your marketing campaigns.

  1. Think About the Position of Your Logo

Your logo is hopefully the most eye-catching part of your marketing collateral and should be prominently displayed on the banner so it attracts attention and also lets people know exactly who you are. Having the logo at the top is the most effective position as it is eye catching and easy to see.

  1. Plan Your Images and Text Carefully

When designing your banner be sure to remember that the text should be kept to a minimum-this is not something that people will be stopping to spend several minutes to read. You have a few seconds at most to grab people’s attention and to give them your message. Include only the relevant information and make sure that the images you use are directly relevant to your message. Don’t forget that you can add more information on items that go alongside the banners, like leaflets, brochures or flyers. You can also direct people to your website where they can find out more about you.

  1. Use Only Good Quality Images

Images need to be high quality in order to be printed large on roller banners. Simply taking an image from the website won’t work. If you do not have relevant, good quality images invest in a digital camera and take some photos, or buy images from a photo stock website. Images are vital so make sure yours are effective.

  1. Use Colour Effectively

Just as a roller banner with too many words and images fails, so too does a banner with too many colours. You may think that by using bright colours you are creating an impact but too much looks cheap and tacky. Think about using your corporate colours and make sure that any text is in a dark shade so that it easily stands out from a light background. As with all elements of the design of your banner, the key is to use simple, powerful, and impactful colours.

  1. Add Your Contact Details

Even if your banner is a simple direction sign, or a banner telling people your opening hours, you should still include your contact details. You never know when someone will be inspired to give you a call when they see your banners – add your phone number and email address, plus website and the physical location of your store or company if this is relevant.

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