5 things you can do to motivate your employees

A happy employee is a good employee. Reports indicate that employees that are happy and content with their job tend to be 20% more productive than employees that are unhappy with their positions.

This is even more important in sales as happy employees typically make 37% more sales than unhappy employees.

According to a research by the Integrated Benefits Institute, “it has been estimated that companies in the U.S. lose more than half a trillion dollars because of lost productivity.”

A good way to reduce this loss is to keep employees motivated, which can make them happy. To help you in this regard, given below is a list of five things you can do to motivate your employees.

1. Positive Reinforcement

One of the best ways to improve performance and motivate your employees is by rewarding them for being focused and productive. This will encourage and motivate your employees to do better and repeat success in in hopes of getting rewarded.

You can provide them with financial incentives such as bonuses or a raise in salary as such rewards are typically the most helpful. However, sometimes just recognition and a pat on the back can also help keep employees happy.

It is all about making your employees feel appreciated.

2. Communicate and Learn More About Their Lives

It is extremely important to communicate with your employees and make them feel appreciated and valued for their hard work.

A sense of belonging can motivate your employees into working hard so make sure to make them feel like home when they are at work. This can be done by introducing a friendly organizational culture.

This will make them feel that you actually care for them and also help make them more loyal towards your company.

3. Take Their Opinion

Make sure to give respect to your employees and ask for their opinions with matters related to business, especially when it involves them.

You do not always have to listen to their voice or do what they say, but take steps to hear what they have to say. This will make your employees feel important and also push them to do better.

4. Invest in them

Investing in your employees can make them feel a part of the company and also allow them to grow.

Investing can be of several types. You can provide them with a healthcare program or get them enrolled in new courses to help them acquire new skills that can help them move to a better position within your business.

A number of employees even quit their offices due to a lack of opportunities to grow. This can be countered by investing in employees.

5. Give Possible Targets

Too much or too little workload can cause employees to get tired or lazy. Make sure to work on this and provide your employees with targets that are achievable but not very easy as targets that are too hard can cause employees to give up and targets that are too easy only result in a waste of resources.

This is especially important if you wish to motivate millennials as they are typically excited about new challenges. For example, pick any book on how to motivate millennials in sales and you will see this point highlighted.