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IG Intro- No WiFi

Sep - 17 - 2015

In the United States alone there are 326.4 million wireless subscriptions, amounting to more than the actual total population. Wireless connection has become a foundational necessity in the U.S., and wireless phone networks have risen to meet that challenge, providing the consumer with access to the internet through devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The wireless phones of today are the evolutionary outcome of the radio, with added computer capabilities that allow two ways of communication—through phone calls as well as online communities and all the other aspects of the internet. Wireless phones make use of radio waves to transmit data to and from devices like Samsung's Galaxy s6 with T-Mobile's ultrafast wireless network. This allows consumers to place calls to destinations around the globe, as well as enjoy online engagement and exploration, such as browsing the internet, emailing, playing games, watching movies, reading books, and other pastimes.

Many consumers today are used to affordable wireless network access and use, and wireless network subscriptions are still expanding, with faster, more affordable options being created and implemented every day. However, when the original radio telephone service first became available around 1946, it was so rare and so expensive, totaling around $190 per month or $5 per call, that it was unpopular and certainly never obtained the cultural status it has today. As the technology continued to advance, the first cell phones, running at 1G, used analog radio waves, but didn't have the cell tower coverage needed to build a reliable network, so they remained reserved for those select few who could afford them. In 1995, wireless subscriptions broke the 30 million mark, and in 2009, around 91% of the U.S population had subscriptions, showing the increase in affordability and dependability.

As the technology continues to improve, so will the number of wireless subscriptions. Read on to find out how the increasing dependence on these networks places wireless connection firmly near the top of the list of the most important innovations of the century.

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