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The Internet has turned hundreds of crafters into entrepreneurs, allowing people to follow their passions and use them to make money. However, selling your crafts online takes a certain amount of business and marketing know-how, just like any other business or industry. Follow these three tips if you’re serious about launching your online business and want to know exactly how to get your products out there.

Create Pinterest Boards of Your Items

Pinterest is one of the top social media sites for photographers, wedding planners, and crafters. These business owners create inspiration boards and also show off their own work, which their followers can like, share, and save for later. Many people create “wish lists” on Pinterest that they send to friends, or mark items to give to others.

If you’re craft-minded, then you need a Pinterest account to share what inspires you along with your own work. You should use curation to draw people who are interested in your style, then highlight your best products as your audience grows. This will turn the social network into a great lead-generation tool as well as a fun marketing tactic.

Film Tutorials for YouTube

Another unique way to market your items is to create tutorial videos on YouTube. You don’t have to show your audience how you make your exact products, but you can come up with seasonal content and video ideas that highlight the benefits of your crafts. For example, if you sell crocheted animals and personalized scarves, you can create tutorials showing people how to start crocheting and create a tutorial on the different kinds of stitches.

These videos let you showcase your personality and expertise in the field. You can also highlight some of your products that you made with the skills you’re teaching. YouTube is also a way to bring in new audiences as people use the website to learn everything from tying a bow tie to installing a showerhead.

Set Up Your Own eCommerce Site

Marketplaces like Etsy are a great place to get your feet wet, but if you want to grow your business, consider branching out with your own e-commerce site. This way, you can advertise your products all in one place, direct traffic through your social media channels, and build up your web presence through search engine optimization, or SEO.

Many crafters worry about the fulfillment and credit security aspects of running their own e-commerce site, but there are plenty of widgets in WordPress that create the bulk of the infrastructure for you. Many companies also offer support for bad credit merchant accounts for business owners who have little or poor credit. This lets you focus on creating your items and finding new ways to sell them.

These are just a few ways to expand your crafting business and make serious money by doing so. Each craft has its own niche and industry, and you may find that some marketing tactics work better than others. The best advice on how to succeed is to take risks and remember that it’s okay to fail.

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