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It's not enough to purchase a business sign. You also have to know what you're buying. It's like anything else in life. You typically get what you pay for. Business signs can be purchased from a variety of different companies and the quality really runs the gamut. If you'd rather not gamble with the face of your business, Keep these three things in mind:


Quality counts. Visit the shop where your sign will be made. What does the fit and finish look like on sample products? What grade of materials do they use? Just because a company uses plastic doesn't mean that the quality of their signs are low. They may be UV resistant PVC. On the other hand, glass or metal signage doesn't necessarily mean high quality either. It's all about the construction method and fit and finish on the final product.


Colors can make or break your company's image. It's well-known that colors have a profound impact on a business and how customers view the company. For example:

  • Red is often used on sale or promotional products. In signage, it's used to get prospects' blood pressure up - get people excited. It evokes a passionate response in most people.
  • Blue, on the other hand, puts people at ease. This is the color most closely associated with hospitals and financial firms.
  • You've probably seen green used on eco-friendly products. There's a reason for that. Light green is perceived as "fresh" and "clean." It's closely associated with the environment. It's also a calming, soothing, color. Darker green, in signage, gives the impression of wealth or luxury.
  • Yellow is often used when you want to give clients a sense of warmth or want to welcome people into your store. It's a clean color that's very inviting. However, it can also be very jarring on the eyes if it's paired with something like red.
  • Black or gray are used for professional services - specifically, high-end products and services. Think jewelry. Think AMEX. Think high-end financial services. If you cater to "down to earth" common folk (i.e. middle-class America), you might alienate your market with this color.
  • White is a clean color. It's often used in the wedding, floral, and health care industries. If you want your sign, and your company, to carry an image of purity, use this color.

Aside from individual colors, you have to also concern yourself with color combinations. For example, red and yellow often clash. This color combination can potentially work for some companies, but many times the effect is too extreme. White and green work well together when you want a professional, clean, image. Black and red go well together when you offer something that would be considered a "forbidden luxury."


The type of material you use will also make a dramatic impact on how customers perceive you.

  • Plastic: Plastic is often used to save money. Sometimes, it's a good idea to use this material when you want something that will hold up well to extreme temperatures. Be sure to get something that's crack and UV resistant, as well as being resistant to extreme cold and ice.
  • Glass: When you need something elegant, choose glass. Etched glass, embossed glass, or even painted glass will make your company look ultra-modern, sleek, and sophisticated.
  • Metal: Metal is durable, but it also shows that you have strength and stability. Steel is tough. Polished steel is sleek, industrial, impersonal, but also sophisticated.

Robert M. Smyth is the procurement manager for a small business. He frequently shares his methodical buying tips with small business owners on blogs online. See this page to learn more about modern business signage.

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