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print-inkWhether you're printing postcards, flyers, or brochures, it's important to know what you should include in the design. Some printers will help you design a piece of marketing material, while others expect you to send them the complete design. In either case, you will likely be working with a designer who will need to know what you want included, or you will be designing these pieces of print advertising yourself and deciding what to include.

It's important not to forget the how, where, and what of print advertising – how to get in touch with you, where to find you, and what you're offering. Here are the three main must haves on any piece of print marketing material.

Contact Information

Having good contact information is essential if you want people to get in touch with you. They won't just magically look you up in the phone book, so you need to tell them how to best get in touch with you. This is your chance to indicate a preferred contact method, though including at least two is usually best. Email addresses and phone numbers are the most popular contact methods to include, but you could also include a Twitter handle, fax machine, or physical address depending on your niche and type of business. Contact information should be more prominent if the main action you want people to take after getting this piece of mail is contacting you, and less prominent but still easy to find if you would rather they take some other action like looking at your website.

Website Address

Including the URL of your website is another must-do if you're designing any piece of print marketing. This allows you to point people to a resource so they can learn much more about who you are, what you do, and what you have done in the past. Whether you're pointing them to a company site with a product listing or a personal portfolio, including a website address makes your print marketing much more appealing. Some people even include a QR code that links people directly to their website.

Products and Services

People want to know why they should keep this piece of print advertising and not throw it in the bin with the rest of their direct mail, the flyers they brought home from an event, and so on. Include information on your products and services to remind them who you are. If you're sending direct mail for a restaurant, this would be a menu, and if you're handing out business cards, it would be a job title. Think about how you can convey your products and services best in a limited amount of space without cluttering your message.

Different types of print marketing need additional details like your name or photo, event descriptions, or other pieces of information, but these three details are must haves on any piece of print advertising. It doesn't matter how big or small your business is – people want to know how they can get in touch, where they can find you online, and what products and services you offer.

Kathryn Thornton has extensive experience with print advertising. She enjoys sharing her insight on various business marketing blogs. Visit the Phoenix Direct site for more information and ideas.

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