3 CBD Business Opportunities within this Booming Industry

CBD is far from being a washed-out product or ingredient. In just a couple of years, CBD has become one of the world’s biggest industries, with more and more investors pouring money into its research and development.

Moreover, CBD is also the hemp extract that gave some countries the possibility to enjoy hemp-based extracts within the law’s limits. As such, it goes without saying why everybody is trying to capitalize on this wonder-industry.

Let’s take a look at three business opportunities within the booming CBD industry that anyone can approach!

CBD Products Affiliate Listing

The most common type of business is the one that advertises products that are not yours. If you’re a big fan of the Delta 8 THC vape cartridges, for example, you can make a profit out of this passion if you advertise them via affiliate links.

  • With an affiliate listing, you make money on every sale that uses your promotional code.
  • The only thing you need is a solid social media presence or influence.
  • Given enough hard work, you can have your affiliate link alone, paying your bills, and so on.
  • To get started, just contact a CBD brand once you have either a good social media profile or a relevant website.

Creating a Line of CBD Products

If you want to be right in the center of the industry, you can go as far as to create your very own line of CBD products. The best thing about it is that you don’t actually need to produce CBD yourself.

  • First, you have to design a product and have it approved by your country’s institutions.
  • You can then find a CBD manufacturer and see if they agree to have your brand attached to their product. Of course, you can also make CBD yourself and sell it from your own home – especially if you want better cash flow.
  • Regardless of how you develop the end product, you’ll have to contact websites or individual stores that will sell your product.
  • Last but not least, you could also do all of the above via your personal online store, thus increasing profits significantly.

Running a CBD Blog

The 3rd business opportunity is somewhat related to the first two. Namely, you can’t be a brand affiliate nor sell your product online if you don’t have enough authority within the industry.

Running a CBD blog – and related social media accounts for it – can make your voice heard in the CBD industry. You can then use this voice to make people use your affiliate link or buy your personal CBD product.

If you don’t have enough profit to design your own CBD product or enough fame to become an affiliate, then a CBD blog is the best way to enter this booming industry!

The Bottom Line

The CBD industry must be taken advantage of! According to various statistics, it is one of the industries that has experienced immense growth since it first popped on the market.

To be more specific, in a couple of years since it became legal in the US (October 2018), CBD managed to gain a market value of over $3 billion, and it’s expected to grow even more!