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As a business, you need leads. But, getting them is easier said than done. Here are some smart steps for a profitable lead generation process that should keep you flush with paying prospects. Defining Each Stage of The Process A sales funnel is a practical necessity. It defines the sales process on a macro level and moves prospects from being prospects into being customers. But, that sales funnel needs to  [ Read More ]

There are many ways to boost sales and get in front of more people. But, for many businesses, the same old sales pitch is wearing thin. Here’s a new approach that involves using promotional giveaways. Choose Cool Promotional Items A promotional item will make or break the whole thing. If you choose a bad giveaway item, it won’t result in any signups. More than that, you might build negative press  [ Read More ]

How to Arrange a VIP Business Event

Hosting a VIP event for your business is an excellent way of securing customer and client loyalty. As invitation only events these immediately show your company’s great appreciation for their business which should make them more likely to renew contracts or increase investment levels. There are many different reasons to host a VIP business event with the most popular ones being to provide networking opportunities, gain exposure and build better  [ Read More ]

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