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As the development of electric vehicle fleets and wireless charged public transport proves, the times are changing at a rapid and unpredictable pace. While this may have at least some impact on the commercial fleet industry, however, there are some aspects of the sector that remain refreshingly unchanged. Take the popularity of contract hire vehicle solutions, for example, which is firmly established as the single most cost-effective fleet management tool  [ Read More ]

The Venture Capital Industry

Venture capital is an important term to know if you are planning on investing in a company’s growth, or if you’re a company who is looking for investors to help you grow. The venture capital industry is all about establishing relationships between investors and companies: investors provide the funds necessary for growth and expansion, and companies use those funds to do their growing and expanding, and re-pay the investors with  [ Read More ]

In the business world, it always pays to take a long term view of things and nowhere is this more apparent than when considering insurance. From public liability insurance to employees’ health insurance, there are a huge number of insurance options out there for businesses in the UK. Knowing when it’s worth investing in an insurance policy is key to getting the most from your company’s finances. Here, we take  [ Read More ]

When is a cut a gain?

In a day and age in which first impressions are ever so important, a good professional look – clean shaven and well-trimmed hair– is a great calling card. It shows you take pride in details, hygiene and projects self-esteem. It is thus absolutely preferable, in today’s recession, to present yourself at job interviews with a fresh haircut. But that is not the only time in which a visit to your  [ Read More ]

Moving away from using quantitative easing to support demand in an economy is a sign that the monetary authorities believe that the economy is strong enough to stand on its own two feet. The US originally signalled that it would start tapering off its QE program back in May, but backed off when the markets reacted negatively to the surprise announcement. The Americans are now expected to wean themselves off  [ Read More ]

Getting the right print of your document, pictures and letters makes all the difference between being professional and being amateurish about your work. A person who brings in better quality prints in his project report is the one who walks away with the better rewards as his fruit for labor. Be it in school or at work, a print which looks good and great brings forth the x-factor that makes  [ Read More ]

Saving Cash to Get Through January

Getting through the beginning of the year can be difficult, particularly if you were paid early in December due to Christmas. You may be struggling through January, and payday can seem like a million miles away yet, but there are things you can do to ease the pressure. Your utility bills are likely to be higher during the winter months as you need to heat up water more often and  [ Read More ]

Bob Bratt DLA Piper

There’s a little known secret about the most organized and successful of businesses: they have a lawyer on retainer, available at all times, who is just a phone call or an email away. While a lot of business owners no doubt feel that a lawyer should only be retained if there is a current legal issue to deal with, the truth is that all businesses should have a lawyer at  [ Read More ]

Location, location, location

Your home is your castle, your place of refuge, your own little domain. That is why so many of us spend so much time finding the perfect place to live, whether that’s a little cottage in a remote village or a contemporary apartment in the city centre. There are any number of property programmes on television devoted to finding the right home, with location being number one on most people’s  [ Read More ]

In an increasingly competitive and fast-paced world, your business needs to be able to keep up to remain profitable. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of relying on traditional processes, when an innovative approach could make them much more successful. To run your business with maximum efficiency, take advantage of all technological tools on offer and devise creative solutions to potential problems. Flexibility Small business can actually have the edge  [ Read More ]

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